The Global Crisis Will Not End!

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Michael Khazin, economist): “The world crisis will not end in 2013-2014; there are no grounds for this. The difficulties in Europe are not over; on the contrary, they are just beginning. Europe’s main problem is not debt, but the fact that it can no longer increase it, which automatically means a fall in GDP. Accordingly, it will not be able to return the debts accumulated during this time. …

“The recession continues, stimulation of demand has led to the situation that now households’ expenses exceed their income by 25%.

“In four years, Obama has increased the expenditure side of the budget by a trillion dollars that went entirely to support demand. Otherwise, the U.S. GDP would have fallen by 10%.

“But another trillion dollars is needed, and it is unclear from where to take it. Emission has no effect. For this reason, the decline in the world will continue. …

“The U.S. economy will not collapse until 2014 if Obama’s policy to ‘plug holes’ with money emission continues. No economic disasters will happen in Europe until the elections in Germany because money will be sought at all cost. Perhaps, it will be printed. Sharp falls in 2013 are not expected, but there will be a tendency towards gradual worsening of depression.”

My Comment: There is time to improve and disseminate the method of correcting the global crisis by means of integral education, as well as to raise the spiritual level of the world BB group. This will help the forces of the integral mind, unity, and equal reasonable consumption to be manifested in the world.

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