I Am Waiting For An Answer From The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should a person do if he is in a state of joy too much?

Answer: There cannot be “too much” since we have to be in Ein Sof (Infinity) in this state. It cannot be a question of time since everything disappears, both time and distance.

Question: What can we do to not simply remain in this state, but to make the best use of it? I understand that I have to turn to the Creator, but it takes so long to receive an answer.

Answer: The fact is that many have similar complaints: “There is no answer!”

The spiritual world is, on one hand, integral, analog, and, on the other hand, it is impulse. This means that there is a kind of dualism. Is an electron a particle or a wave? Is the Light a particle or a wave or both? We don’t understand that at the moment. Physicists say this, but they don’t feel it; this just comes from experimental studies.

On the one hand, our senses are seemingly constant, flowing in a current, and not in pulses. On the other hand, they pulse, that is, in ten Sefirot or five phases. If you come one millimeter before the first phase, you feel as if you haven’t even started the work and still have no contact with it.

If there has to be a thousand volts, then there has to be a thousand volts. Suppose you have a thousand rubles. You pay, and you cross the border, like when boarding a plane. However, if there is one penny missing, no matter what you say, you will not be allowed to pass.

These are the attributes of the upper world. You must have a certain potential of desire in your question so that you will be rewarded with an answer. However, in the meantime, you don’t reveal it. You are in a sea of Light, but, if your vessel cannot contain the Light (which means that you don’t reach it by your sufferings, both in quality and in quantity, according to the intensity of the question until you reach a certain volume), then you will not feel the answer. It is because your question isn’t ripe yet, and you see it from your unripe state.

You are saying, “I am already somewhere in this Light, so what’s next?” If you arrived in the last full feeling of your current state, then, after that, you would feel the next level in the form of a new desire. So, go on feeling, but try to understand more for what and how. The clarification of this state is lacking.
From the Novosibirsk Convention 12/8/12, Lesson 3

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