A Congress Is A Great Force

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we give the same importance to the congress in Kharkov as we did to the congress in the north of Israel?

Answer: First of all you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions during the congress and receive answers.

Secondly, a congress is a great action in unity, and in this unity between us, we reveal the upper world. Therefore, all our aspiration is aimed toward correcting the broken Kelim (vessels) and revealing their unity. The upper world is the world of unity.

When a few thousand people gather at a congress it creates a great force. Even if these people aren’t totally ready but there are many of them, then quantity multiplied by quality still creates this great force. I personally give it a great regard. This action really has a serious effect on people.

Therefore, we should try to encourage as many people as possible to find a way to come. Who knows when we’ll be able to organize another congress? After all, times are not getting any better.
Fundamentals of Kabbalah Lesson 7/15/2012

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