The Main Idea Of The Books And Articles

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If we say that the books that we publish should actually be of assistance in the transition to the next level, then what should be the nature, for example, of economic and other articles?

Answer: While we might find it difficult without the help of experts to give some exact, next steps for further development and to explain how integrality in the world can immediately influence the solutions for the economic, financial, industrial, organizational, commercial, international, problems, etc., at least we can show the general lines of the message of nature and the need to search for solutions to these problems through connection and unity.

Then, if not today, then shortly, experts will see that everything is really integrated and resolvable specifically in this way. And this undoubtedly will happen. We can prescribe the solution for all individual problems of humanity that stand in front of the simple man and also for the entire international society. We will be able to gradually do this. As a result, the practical means to address the general crisis of the entire civilization will emerge.

Question: Is it possible to say that the main idea of each article should be the transition through our unity from a linear society to an inclusive, circular one?

Answer: Yes, since if one looks from perspective of the wisdom of Kabbalah, then we enter a system that is “circular,” to a system of correction that is not the linear, human ego, but a system which includes others and by that creates together with them a society. Through the neutralizing of his ego, by ascending above it, a person begins to connect to others and to create, together with them, one complete whole. Any movement should be directed specifically at this.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/31/12

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