Getting Ready For The Congress: Third Round Of Questions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You always guide us during the conventions, leading us from one lesson to the next.

Answer: I cannot say anything about that in advance. I don’t know how things will work out before I see you in the convention. You will summon my attitude towards you according to the state you will be in.

In bestowal everything depends on the one who receives and nothing is predictable. I am a power supplier—you will receive bestowal according to your connection to me.

So the matter is not in the subject of the lectures and the workshops, but in the preparation. Your intensive collective preparation will generate from me everything that you need in the right order. I listen to the friends, feel the general atmosphere among all those who connect to us, and this determines how the workshops will be managed.

Question: How can we raise the level of our question in order to add feeling to it? Before every convention there are the same questions to which we’ve already received the answers.

Answer: The questions may repeat, but we have to feel a new depth in them. The phrasing of the questions isn’t important, what is important is the depth. If a person is only superficially interested in how he should connect, it isn’t a question at all.

We have to be more serious since we are in a process of clarification, which means that we are constantly summarizing what we pick up along the way. So on the basis of all the clarifications and the conclusions, we reach new questions. Even though the questions may sound familiar, they are much deeper.

There isn’t much depth in your questions, there is no burning necessity for a new study of the unknown layers: “What should we do today in order to reach the unity that we have not reached yet? What do we lack? What should we add?” I must hear the echo of this search in your questions.

Question: How can we constantly soften our heart until the congress itself?

Answer: The key is the influence of the environment. It is this factor that influences the workshops. At first I don’t want to hear others, I look down upon them. I am not interested in what they say, who are they? Their words only irritate me.

But after a few minutes a new thought comes to me. Where do they come from? After all, they don’t appear out of the blue, this is how the Light operated, and there is nothing but the Light. Occasionally we manage to sink faster inwards and to feel ready for he influence of the Light. This is the whole essence of the workshop.

The “workshop” is our intensive, collective, integral group effort. This effort that is aimed at unity resembles the Light in its attributes and summons its influence upon us.

Of course it will eventually take us less time to reach unity in the workshops. Although it is impossible to explain, the desire already understands which internal movements are required in order to feel the excitement and the impression from the unity. Thus the workshop is our “tool,” our means.

But we can also do the same thing during the morning lesson. We need to do it every day for three hours!

Question: During the workshop we “rub” against one another and there is a kind of spark going through us. How can we reach the same feeling during the lesson?

Answer: During the lesson you don’t speak and don’t look at one another, which makes things more difficult for you. But you should overcome this. You should learn to feel one another without words and even independently of distance. The distances don’t exist, there are no walls, I only imagine all this; it is all depicted in my perception. So let’s make an effort and each one will feel the friends as his integral parts.

Don’t pin your hopes on me. I only operate the mechanism. It all depends on the connection among you. The upper Light is always ready and responds according to your desire. So there is no effort on my part: The moment there is a desire, I am ready to work on it. You are expecting something from me, and you need only one thing—to actually want connection. Thus, you will oblige me, you actually force me to act. Only your connection summons a real filling on my part.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/2/12, “Questions About the Congress of Consolidation in the North of Israel”

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