The Media As A Measure Of Integrality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The role of the regular family was always that it supported all kinds of social institutions. How are mutual relationships of the integral family established with the society?

Answer: It depends on what level of the society we are speaking about. If we are talking about the typical integral family, then the purpose is for a completely different social culture, that is, for different levels, evaluations, values, a different education for children, a different relation between couples in their work, etc. It all depends.

We are speaking about a completely different world, about a different humanity. It is really a mutual integral cooperation of everyone with everyone, but it usually happens under sponsorship, under protection, with the approval and soft, sensitive guidance of the media. This is the most important thing. According to the media, it is possible to judge if we are close to this goal or far from it, opposite to it. As of today, we are opposed and completely opposite to integrality. And these opposites need to be revealed as society’s wounds, as poisonous decay, which we need to correct.

The past media will begin to gradually disappear for many reasons: from lack of advertising, lack of participation with them, the development of the Internet that replaced them, etc.

To the extent that the media in its usual form will wither away and look for a new field of work and new activities for themselves, they will need to go through major reconstruction and to be completely different, meaning, to be what will influence the entire system in a positive and effective way.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 8/7/12

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