“Mind Games” Or “Who Is Playing With Us?”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The Book of Zohar seems to tell us about an unfamiliar virtual world. Yesterday, I watched a popular science film A Beautiful Mind Our brain deceives us. Scientists have come to understanding that our brain gets electromagnetic signals, and paints the world that does not exist.

In the end, they conclude that we are all in a certain game; we don’t know who controls it and for what purpose. Could you continue this movie and explain who plays with us?

Answer: In the part of Kabbalah, “Perception of Reality,” we study that the entire reality we feel is felt within us; our brains “paint” it in the form of picture that supposedly surrounds us. There is nothing outside of us: no space or anything the fills it. Everything that we perceive is felt subjectively by us. Everything happens only within us. We’re talking about all of us, and the surrounding world seems to be objective, as if it exists outside of us and without us, but our perception works only relative to us, to our sense organs.

Kabbalists have spoken about the relativity of our perception for almost 6,000 years. The Book of Zohar, written 2,000 years ago, talks about the Earth in the form of a sphere. It describes evolution, all the changes in nature and society, the crisis of our time and its solution. We only need to apply this knowledge and with its help to overcome the crisis and enter a new vision of the world.

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