On The Question Of Communism

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Novaya Gazeta): “The ideology of the new order of life: everyone is entitled to a guaranteed monthly income. The collection of signatures under this proposal (referendum) took place in Switzerland.

“In general, this is a new principle of life, another option of human development, a different economy, a different state. Behind the activists’ idea there is an international network of BIEN (Basic Income Earth Network), which includes 17 national organizations from Austria, Australia, Holland, America, England and Germany.

“The organization’s leadership consists of professors from the world’s best universities (next congress – Summer 2014).

“BIEN develops the ideology of a new order of life, assuming that everyone will have the right to a guaranteed monthly income.

“While the world is changing, but both the Roman slave and modern worker are chained to work for life, give it the best years of their life; they work because would not be able to survive otherwise, live in fear of punishment (dismissal); they are lifetime slaves in the labor market.

“It is possible to abolish slavery only by providing a person with a guaranteed income that will give him the right to choose the way of his own, only, unique life. Money should be paid to everyone – regardless of character, views, station in life. This is not about supporting weak social layers, but about everyone’s right to a basic income.”

My Comment: This will work well only under one condition: All citizens should devote all their free time to integral education and upbringing. Otherwise they should receive no benefits. If this rule is not observed, society will turn into animals in a short time. There is nothing more harmful to humans than idleness, even more so, collective idleness.

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