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A Baby’s Squeak Which Shakes The Worlds

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe believe that we don’t get an immediate answer to our requests and our prayers, but it isn’t true, you do get an immediate response. You are in an integral system that is internally connected by billions of strings. So there is no way that you perform a certain action either in your thoughts, in your speech, or your actions that doesn’t affect the system. Every tiny change that you undergo internally shakes the whole system. It responds to each and every detail.

It is like one body that responds to every one of its cells, to every desire. You are connected to everyone and cannot perform one single action without shaking the system. Everyone begins to move thanks to you and you constantly change the system. The mechanical actions have a minimal influence on the system and speech also has very little effect. But your intention brings about enormous changes in the whole system, even right now when your intention isn’t exactly the right one but you still are trying to attain it. You are like a baby trying to advance.

We don’t see such an effect in the corporeal world, but in the spiritual world people who are just starting their spiritual work summon a real and powerful response of the whole system by their actions. According to your advancement, you gradually grow from a person who performs actions to a person who serves those who perform actions when you rise to the level of Bina, Hafetz Hesed, or even higher than that. You only serve the lower by helping them, but they are actually the ones who bring about the greatest changes in the system and it is certainly thanks to you.

The state of the upper, whether it is smallness or greatness, depends on the lower, on the MAN, on the prayer, that they raise. But it is they, the smallest ones, that raise MAN (a prayer), and in response to that, the whole system is shaken by responding to their efforts to be incorporated in the system in their understanding and feeling.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/7/13

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How Can We Become Independent Of The Outcome Of Our Work?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What can help us become independent of the outcome of our work?

Answer: We should switch the corporeal outcome to a spiritual outcome. A spiritual outcome is to delight the Creator. Imagine that you want to delight someone, to please him, and to make him happy and this someone is the Creator.

In order to picture the Creator more accurately and to be less mistaken, you should imagine that you want to make all of reality happy: All the still, vegetative, animate nature, and people, you want to make feel good and you actually dissolve and disappear in them, dedicating yourself to them in every possible sense, from now till eternity, beyond time, motion, and place, in everything that you do.

In order to be more concrete, imagine that you are in a group and that you want and try to act this way with regard to the friends. You want to totally dedicate yourself to them, to be in them, and to disappear and be incorporated in them, but this has to be fulfilled in practice, which means that you should be ready to do anything in order to disappear in them. This means that everything disappears: the causes, the actions, the outcomes; everything is aimed at the friends.

Think about it and imagine this situation and check your conclusions and clarifications in practice by your actions. We have to clarify whether what we say isn’t just empty words and whether they penetrate your heart. This is examined only by one’s actions. If such an intention enables you to operate yourself, it means that your intention is right. But if you have to change your intention in order to operate yourself and to start doing something, then your intention isn’t serious enough yet, as it says “without a cover.”
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/7/13

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Overall Participation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What kind of influence do these events like conventions, where we try with all our power to attain greater unity, have over the actions of our friends in Israel or other friends who are now passing through difficult times?

Answer: All of us, really all of humanity, are linked together by billions of threads into one network. There are an infinite number of links that are measured not according to quantity but quality. Spirituality is measured by quality and not by quantity.

Our convention is built on mutual combination, understanding, and penetration, such that we can truly feel ourselves together. We want a single and warm whole to be created among us in which the upper force, the Upper Light will begin to be revealed; something that existed in a collective Kli before its shattering in the upper world. Therefore through our gathering in this congress, we are now providing a very great help to the Israeli group.

It is wonderful that this has happened because nobody would have planned for this. If I had known how hard we had to work on dissemination in Israel, I certainly wouldn’t have set the convention for this date.

But on the other hand, the Creator arranges everything for us in such a way that many people are ready to connect, to gather together, and this is a very great help. I am very pleased that this convention was arranged at this time when we are really smashing through the “iron wall” between Kabbalah and all of humanity. We are all participating in this!
From the  Bulgaria Convention “Dawn Of A New World” Day One 11/01/13, Lesson 2

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Poverty Of The Generation

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Dr. Erich Fromm, German social psychologist, psychoanalyst, sociologist, humanistic philosopher):

WALLACE: Recently, Dr. Fromm said: “There has never been a better society than in the United States in 1958, but …’He added, ‘if the United States goes on in the direction it is now taking, it is in serious danger of destroying itself.” We’ll find out why in a moment.

FROMM: I would say, if I would put it generally, because in our enthusiasm to dominate nature and to produce more material good – goods – we have transformed means into ends. We’ve wanted to produce more in the 19th century and the 20th century in order to give man the possibility for more dignified human life; but actually what has happened is that production and consumption have become means – have ceased to be means and have become ends, and we are production crazy and consumption crazy. …

I think his work is to a large extent, meaningless, because he is not related to it. He is increasingly part of a big machinery, social machinery, governed by a big bureaucracy……and I think American man unconsciously hates his work very often, because he feels trapped by it…imprisoned by it… because he feels that he is spending most of his energy for something which has no meaning in itself.

WALLACE: In writing about men in America, you’ve said frequently – you’ve talked frequently – about what you call “the marketing orientation.” What do you mean by “the marketing orientation,” Dr. Fromm?

FROMM: I mean by that, that our main way of relating ourselves to others is like things relate themselves to things on the market. We want to exchange our own personality – or as one says sometimes, our “personality package” – for something. …

WALLACE: So, his sense of his own value must, therefore, depend upon what the market, in this sense, is willing to pay for it…

FROMM: Exactly, just as a handbag which cannot be sold because there is not enough demand is, economically speaking, useless. And if the handbag could think, it would have a terrific inferiority feeling, because, not having been bought, it would feel useless. So does a man who considers himself as a thing, and if he is not successful to sell himself, he feels he is a failure. …

WALLACE: Let’s talk about man in relation to his love, his marriage.

FROMM: Well, I would say love is something everybody talks about, and the need for love is one of the most basic needs of man, namely the experience of union with another being -of becoming one with another being. And yet, I would say that love today is a relatively rare phenomenon, that we have a great deal of sentimentality; we have a great deal of illusion about love, namely as a…as something one falls in. But the question is that one cannot fall in love, really; one has to be in love. And that means that loving becomes, and the ability to love, becomes one of the most important things in life.

WALLACE: Why is it so difficult for us to be in love, as human beings? What is wrong with us, as you see it?

FROMM: Because we are concerned with things. We are concerned with success. We are concerned with money. We are concerned with instrumentalities. And the most important things we talk about on Sundays are things to which we pay very little attention. …

I would say our social relationships are relatively shallow. We are actually afraid to be intimate, with people – many people even with their wives and husbands. And we substitute, or we rather hide, this fear of real intimacy by a superficial kind of friendliness, which is quite nice, but nevertheless, very shallow. …

I think if you would ask people what their concept of Heaven is, and if they were honest, they would say it’s a kind of big department store with new things every week, and enough money to buy everything new. … Happiness should be something which results from the creative, genuine, intense relatedness – awareness, responsiveness, to everything in life – to man, to nature.

My Comment: It is written beautifully, in the form of an appeal, but the solution is not given. The only solution is to change human nature. But since it is not in our hands—although many understand that this is the only solution—no one speaks about it. The absence of the possibility to change the human being is accepted in silence. But when the suffering increases, and not only the suffering of egoistic slavery, but the plagues of Egypt begin, then people will agree to check the solution proposed by Kabbalah: integral education.

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Knowledge For The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam writes that our main goal is to “blow up the iron wall” that separates the wisdom of Kabbalah and all of humanity because if we do not then humanity will continue to deteriorate.

I wrote many years ago that the crisis had arrived and something must be done, but nobody agreed with me. Then the crisis was revealed in full force and I continued to write that it would continue for years, decades, until humanity changes. But people thought conditions were improving, that the crisis was ending and that everything is already okay.

Humanity doesn’t understand what a desperate hopeless state it is in. It has no means of changing anything. It just moves along a predetermined path that is controlled by two forces: positive and negative.

Certainly people want to solve this mystery, but they cannot and do not know how to do this. After all, our world is underneath the “barrier” (Machsom), underneath the boundary that divides between the upper worlds and our world; now there is no force that could make it possible for a person to correct society, the family, politics, the economy, and the environment, nothing; rather, everything just deteriorates. Therefore, we who possess a very small amount of knowledge about this process and possess the ability of correction must bring this to the world.

The thing that obligates us is love of the other, which is the essential law of creation. It is not for our narrow and small artificial world within which we exist; rather, it is for all of the rest of the great world outside. This is why we are doing this.
From the Bulgaria Convention “Dawn Of A New World” Day One 11/1/13, Lesson 2

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To Whom Are We Giving Pleasure?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can a person give pleasure to the Creator at every moment?

Answer: If he thinks about this all the time.

Every activity that you perform in life: working, learning, eating, bathing, in bed, even not alone, it makes no difference where and how, all of your thoughts must be directed towards the Creator. For the entire plan of nature, all of its forces are directed towards this, in order to work with bestowal.

If you act in this way, then an absolutely new field of emotion begins to be revealed in front of you, a new world. You begin to see the management system that now seems concealed because we don’t behave correctly in it. We don’t see it. We can see it only if we yearn for it for the sake of bestowal, and then we discover how it operates.

There exists a law of equivalence of form that acts in all the worlds, including our world. If I want to discover something, I construct a sensor that corresponds to that phenomenon that I want to discover. It is the same thing even here; if I want to discover the system of forces that manage the world, I must be found with this characteristic, and then it is revealed to me.

Therefore I must be locked on this all the time, that all that I do now, all my thoughts, desires and actions are intended only to give pleasure to the Creator, to give Him satisfaction.

What is the intention to give pleasure to the Creator? I don’t want to confuse you, but there is no Creator and there is nobody to whom to give pleasure. Through directing my thoughts and desires I apparently calibrate myself, aiming towards feeling the true creation. But what is ultimately revealed in me is that force that activates and manages everything, and it is called the “Creator.” This force can only be discovered within me, the Kabbalistic intention creates within me the possibility of feeling another reality which is parallel to our reality. If our reality exists only within the egoistic power of reception which is developed according to a plan that doesn’t depend on us, to which we are absolutely subservient, then when I enter into another reality, the possibilities of absolute freedom appear to me.
From the Bulgaria Convention “Dawn Of A New World” Day One 11/1/13, Lesson 2

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Don’t Fall Asleep Behind The Wheel

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur desire to receive was created on purpose with such special attributes, that it is prone to rest (in the sense that our ego understands the concept of rest). That is to say, that we want to receive pleasure, fulfillment, to find release, to relax. Thus any action that is against our desire to receive demands us to use force to make an effort in order to strength us in “awareness.”

Let’s suppose in a certain moment I forget my state, my work, because the desire to receive, my egoistic nature, aspires to rest. So how can I push myself, how can I check myself and return again to awareness in relation to the goal, according to adhesion to the Creator? The person himself is unable to do this, but only with the help of the society. This means through an external factor that can operate on him.

If I, on purpose, prepare and organize such an environment for myself, then it will move and inspire me. Without that, I have no possibility to promise that in the future I will be connected and aimed at the goal of creation each moment: the unity of “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator.”

This way is called the path of the Light, the path of accelerating time (Achishena). Through the strong support of the environment, I progress, constantly searching, like an old man who walks bent who constantly looks for what he lost, even before he lost it. I am constantly checking myself if I didn’t deviate from the correct direction of Israel, Torah, and the Creator as being one. Checking if I haven’t lowered the demands through which I appraise my loyalty to the goal of the Creator.

If I forget the goal, then only the environment can quickly return me to awareness and remind me of ascent. But if that doesn’t happen, then in any case the Creator helps me in sending me reminders and putting me back on the path, but already through means that are not so pleasant. I feel some sort of loss and absence, sorry for my actions or state of unpleasant events. The Creator reminds me by making me feel sorry that I lose out in my spiritual work or on some corporeal problem in my regular life.

The method of influence depends on that, on how far I distanced myself from the direction of the unity of Israel, the Torah, and the Creator. If I remain within certain limits that are close to the same path, and don’t deviate from the main road, then the society brings me back in the right direction. But if I forgot the goal and didn’t prepare the correct environment for myself that will hold me within the correct borders, then I will completely deviate from the path of the Light and will go on the path of suffering.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/28/13, Shamati #70 “With a Mighty Hand and with Fury Poured Out”

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The Opening Sluice To The River Of Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe path to revelation consists of implementing all conditions, again and again, on each degree, until a person comes to the limitless, endless revelation, a perfect adhesion. He reaches adhesion on each degree. Each degree is similar to the next one, the difference is only in the quality and quantity of the details that get accumulated there and make us perceive a degree as a new world every time.

Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one” derives from the fact that initially, we are in the world of Infinity, fully merged with the force of the Creator, the force of Light. There, there is no difference between the vessel and the Light, and thus there is no Israel, meaning someone who aspires to the Creator. The created being becomes Israel only under condition that it is separated from the Creator but nevertheless aspires to adhere to Him and to reach adhesion, still remaining independent.

Two opposite conditions are needed: From one side, separation from the Creator, and from the other, adhesion. That is, one needs to remain independent—this is the entire meaning of creation.

Israel, the Torah, and the Creator have to connect for us all the time in their final form—as much as we are able to imagine this for now. The creature is equal to the Creator to the extent that it can envision the Creator’s image, His properties that have already been dressed onto the creature. We imagine ourselves as being at the end of the path already, meaning having completed our current degree, because we are unable to think of something beyond our current degree.

But we aspire at least for this, meaning we wish to become Israel and to reach full adhesion with the force of bestowal and love for the wicked and for the righteous, for the enemies and friends alike—till the end of correction. Although in reality, this is only our current degree. After all, everything that we can only imagine to ourselves, the entire creation from end to end, exists within this framework, this very tiniest Sefira, which is being revealed for us now, for the meantime. And still, we must imagine to ourselves that we want to reveal everything, correct everything, and to adhere to the Creator in everything. We want to do it so that the entire world becomes my soul, and all the properties are corrected to bestowal and love.

We picture ourselves corrected in this way, to aspire for this, we study and perform all the necessary actions for this in order to attain this final state: “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one.” But along the path towards attaining this goal, it’s necessary for us to fulfill the Creator’s commands, meaning to study all types of bestowal, which is what we do in the group. Most important is love for the friends in which all these notions are being clarified.

Having received such instruments out of love of friends, the vessels of Galgalta ve Eynaim, with their help you will be able to correct the receiving vessels, AHP, of that very degree, meaning those who are outside the framework of the group, to the degree when we start relating to everyone in exactly the same way. We relate to the group as to the place of our inner work and the source of strength. Yet, the real place of work is the AHP, meaning the entire world.

GE are created so as to take care of AHP. The breaking occurred namely for this reason, and the sparks of bestowal from GE penetrated into AHP. This way, the rudiments of correction were created in AHP. After all, without it, AHP has no hope for correction.

For this reason we need to always prepare ourselves in our GE, in the group, the studies, our connection, a friendly hug, and seminars, and afterward come out to work with the desires of AHP. The true realization is carried out in AHP, while preparation is in GE.

Although it seems to us as if we correct ourselves while working between ourselves in the group, essentially it is only the work of preparation.

Our work is called the “work of the Creator.” We do not act ourselves, the Light does. Meanwhile, each time, we need to reveal the area in which the Light will be able to work, as it is said: “Open the tip of the needle….” Our request, rising upwards as a prayer, MAN, opens the sluice to the Light, into which it enters and operates. The Creator carries out His work, and we need to only open the entrance for Him. This is called revealing the world: Each time we come to a new world.
From Preparation for the Lesson 9/11/2013

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