There Is No Turning Back

Dr. Michael LaitmanAs we move forward, there are all sorts of egoistic fears, uncertainty, and hesitations. Of course, we do not want take such dramatic steps. It seems that it would be better to soften everything, not to speak out openly against the powerful forces of this world.

This is similar to how Pharaoh goes against Moses. Who is Moses? He is no one and nothing because he is afraid all the time, in awe of Pharaoh. But the Creator pushes him forward and compels him to confront Pharaoh face to face, that is, to stand against the manifestation of all the egoism of our world.

Moshe (from the word “Limshoh” – to pull out in Hebrew) is the force that pulls us out of egoism.

Moshe is not free. He stands before Pharaoh, shaking with fear, but it is the Creator who puts him in these conditions, and therefore, if he accepts them, he wins.

Today, we are in a state, which we would never be able to plan ourselves, in a state of absolute uncertainty, with the threat of conflict. And I am incredibly happy about that. This joy is multiple, multi-layered.

First of all, this joy comes from the fact that we deserve such opponents. Baal HaSulam wrote that we wanted to blow up the wall between humanity and the wisdom of Kabbalah because it alone can save humanity. Today it is manifested. We deserve enormous publicity, which we could not create ourselves. Whether it is positive or negative, it does not matter. Publicity is publicity.

We are making strides in dissemination. This forces us to rise, to evaluate everything differently. We are going to fight. All this is not simple because it involves a huge risk, and indeed it is. But the payoff is huge, and there is no turning back.

The Creator sets these circumstances and does everything so that we cannot escape. This picture is completely clear to me, and our friends start seeing that there is no way out; the Creator puts us before Pharaoh, forcing to work.

I am very happy about this first because we have earned such a strong, dramatic attitude of the Creator. Secondly, because the entire world group understands this state, this critical battle, and we are giving our last effort; we agree to withstand the onslaught and correctly respond to it; on one hand, we do so calmly, and on the other hand, without fear, without hesitation, without doubt.

The current period gives me confidence that we really are before the Egyptian exile. These are already serious battles against our egoism, which is now revealed to us in this way, especially, in the last stage of our fight against certain circles.

It is said that when the people of Israel were going out of Egypt, there was a chase. Moreover, it is not said that the Egyptians chased them, but Erev Rav (the mixed multitude). Who were they? There was no one to go after the Israelites because the Pharaoh’s army was defeated, and all the servants, etc. allegedly died of the ten plagues.

Who stayed behind in Egypt? Those who clung to it; those who were afraid of the Creator, who worked for Pharaoh. We are at war with them now. If we have reached this state, we are really close to the exit from Egypt. I congratulate all of us with this.
From the Convention in Bulgaria 11/01/13, Lesson 2

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