Our Victory Depends On Our Faith

Dr. Michael LaitmanI hope that we will all feel the need for the external evil force that forces us to connect. Without it we have no need to connect and there cannot be one. We cannot reach the intensity of connection that is needed to discover the Creator in it by ourselves. So I am glad that we are being bitterly attacked. In fact, the attackers are powerless, but they confuse us and force us to be concerned.

We mustn’t remain indifferent. We have to react accordingly, but with the help of the force of the Torah. We only need the Light that Reforms to connect us. We only need the Creator to enter us like glue that connects us and to pass us the power of unity. He is the one who sends us all these wolves, all these barking dogs, so that we will connect more strongly.

Only if we understand and become aware of it will we win big time. We will really be the last egoistic generation in the world. I am very glad to see what is happening and I expect many struggles in the future. I expect our ego to undergo all these blows like the ten plagues of Egypt and that they will bring us to cry out strongly and by that to finally come out of the dark, out of Egypt. This goal is already very close.

Let’s focus on it with all our mind and heart, and remember everything that we have learned and support one another. You are great special people who were chosen by the Creator for this great mission, to fulfill the connection among us. The upper force that will be revealed in this connection will defeat all our enemies. We only have to raise our hands in prayer and to enable the Creator to operate among us. Then we will win the war between Moses and Pharaoh with the help of Moses’ hands, the hands of faith.

This is exactly how we have to accept all the events that the Creator is sending us in order to check the connection between us, in order to bring us closer to one another. He evokes different concerns, dangers, questions, and doubts in us, but the salvation is only in the connection between us. Everything happens only so that we will connect. There is no evil force in the world. Pharaoh is meant to bring the children of Israel closer to our Father in Heaven, and this is what is happening to us. The sooner we understand that the faster we will advance towards the goal.

We will leave the slavery in Egypt with “great property” if we grow stronger, connect, and understand that all the interruptions were only beneficial for us. It’s the Creator’s help that is now being fulfilled. I am glad to see everything that is happening and bless the evil more than the good. The evil can influence us much more than the good. So I hope that the force of resistance can shake each of us and push us all to connect.

Baal HaSulam, Letter 10: Do what you can and the salvation of the Lord is as the blink of an eye. The most important thing before you today is the unity of friends. Exert in that more and more, for it can recompense for all the faults. This is because it’s in the connection that we discover the upper force.

So everything that happens to us is only in order to force us to connect. Anyone who feels an urge to escape, to draw away, to hide, and to protect himself must understand that the Creator is sending him all these difficulties on purpose in order to help a person do some soul searching. It’s great that he feels all the evil forces since he has to focus on the center of the group, above these evil forces. It’s only there that we discover the force that will pull us out of Egypt and save us.

We don’t engage in corporeality or in any games. This is a spiritual matter. We have to raise ourselves to the level on which the account is settled with us. The events that we go through are very different from what happens to other people since the Creator has very special demands of us and sends us these interruptions on purpose. It’s all only in order to help us connect.
From the Talk during the Meal 10/18/13

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