If Only I Didn’t Feel Myself…

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur desire is created by the inverted seal of the Light and that is why if it feels only itself, it is a horrible sensation, a feeling of unfilled void, an abyss. I simply can’t feel only myself for I cannot live without being filled! It is called Nukva, from “Nekev” (a hole), a hollow will to receive, which needs to be filled.

The Creator is perfection and does not require anyone. It is complete rest and idleness. He is absolutely immutable; He doesn’t need to move and act. But the poor created being (will to receive pleasure, desire, need for the Light) feels totally miserable and can’t find rest until it receives the sensation of perfection. It exists in constant fear and awe, and in search for the lacking fulfillment.

After all, the Light (perfection, the Creator) has stamped itself in the matter (desire) in an inverted form, like a seal and its mold, thereby having produced in the will to receive the need for the Light. Our form is opposite to the Creator, so the nature of the created being is so miserable; if only it didn’t have to feel itself and all its desires, aspirations, and thoughts, which are all about fulfillment.

We are always running after the Creator, the Light. But when a desire is revealed in us at its tiniest, lowest level, we, instead of the Light, envision material fulfillment through wealth, power, fame, sex, food, and family. And if a greater desire awakens in us, from a higher level, we aspire to knowledge and evolution. And when a still greater desire gets revealed within, I start feeling that I lack spirituality.

We always act in the will to receive, from desires of our world to the equivalence to the Creator.
From 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/8/10, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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