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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I check that I do not deviate from the right course?

Answer: The course can be checked only according to the principle: “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator is one.” All the deviations are only from this unity. There is nothing else to worry about but to clarify this principle precisely as it determines the correct state in every moment of our life. And if we are not in this unity, then we have swerved from the right course.

Check how much everything that happens is connected to one source: You yourself with all your qualities and all the conditions that you received in the group. And the whole world is a small addition to your relationships with the friends. Connect the Creator to all of this.

Everything needs to be focused together as in a gun sight, constantly connecting these three points in your life. Then you will have a correct view of the world, the correct perception. You will see the true world, not a false one.

If you look through a telescope and see people, stars, rocks, plants, animals and their different relationships with each other, you would see the whole world as a kaleidoscope. There, you see the friends and all their problems, as well as your personal problems, as spiritual, internal. The entire picture is inside the kaleidoscope.

And then you start to focus this lens, tighten up its axis, until they all merge into one. That is, you understand that all this comes from the Creator and is sent to you on purpose. There is a system between the Creator and you, consisting of 613 parts, every one of which and all together you need to organize correctly so that between you and the Creator there is only one straight line that connects you, which in the end is reduced to a single point of unity, adhesion!

Everything disappears but this point of adhesion. This means that you created yourself, placed yourself in the correct place, in the correct point. We need to begin to feel our 613 desires and the Light that stands against them and swings them, and if not the Light, at least some forces, sensations, that are perceived closer to unity or further away.

You need to deeply regret if you suddenly don’t feel this unity, feeling as if something has gone wrong in your life. You need to be constantly concerned that this is in order. You will not be able to live without it; this concern will not give you rest.

It would seem that it’s impossible to always be in these thoughts. But this point of unity is special because we don’t need anything else in life but it! Even if you work somewhere, are involved with family, children, home, or various problems, you begin to see that the unity “Israel, the Torah, and Creator” solves any problem and everything calms down and falls into place.

When this unity is achieved, the actions that had to be made disappear. You seemingly perform them to achieve unity. But as soon as it’s achieved with their help, they immediately disappear because this world becomes clothed in the spiritual world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/24/13, Writings of Rabash

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