Baal HaSulam’s Warning

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf you come to a person at the right time when he has despaired and does not know how to switch to new criteria in order to experience the sweetness rather than bitterness, then he will listen. That is the essence of the crisis.

Previously, we have always looked for and found the means to do this, due to this, humanity grew and advanced, like children who grow because of their toys that become more goal-oriented, and thus they change their tastes, understanding, and awareness of what is called sweet and what is called truth.

And when we reach the end of egoistic development, we discover that we are in a bitter state, which is impossible to turn into the sweet one. There is neither truth nor false that can help in this and change us so that we feel sweetness instead of bitterness.

Here we come with our method of integral education and explain that there is a force: the force of connection between all people. Due to it, we will achieve sweetness that simultaneously will be truth. This sweet truth is revealed not in someone individually, but within our common unity.

People will not be able to reveal this knowledge. Even if they begin to unite with each other, everything will turn into either a circus or a criminal gang; nothing good will happen.

We must be aware that if we do not succeed in our mission, then in the future, criminal association awaits our world, that is, the Nazi regime, about which Baal HaSulam warns in the article “The Last Generation.”

If our method of integral education is not successful, then the world will be won by the fascist doctrine, which is also based on the sweetness derived from unity. But this unity is founded on hatred of others. The whole world then is divided into two halves: mine and all the rest. And we are building our unity not on the love of others but on the hatred of others, and inside it we find sweetness.

Although this Nazi approach is contrary to the goal of creation and development of nature and cannot hold out for long, this possibility exists for a short time.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/13/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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  1. It all must come from the people. A bhudist mob attacked a Muslim mosque. I can’t remember the last time I’ve heard of a Buddhist mob. A mob, an angry mob is not very bhuddist. This fighting all over, Egypt, iraq, all of it must stop. It is amounting to something indescribable. When will people see everyone is but one, in search of the same truth that transcends religeon. It is not Kabbalah. It is not Buddhist. It is not mysticism or Christianity. Different names and paths for all the same thing. The truth, the way and the life is here. This aquarian age will shed truths waters on those who look deep. In god we trust, so turn the other cheek and launch a cruise missile. The father is callin us back home, let it be so. All is perfect but in me is the desire to act and so I speak. I am in yhvh and yhvh is in me. Love. Love everyone.

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