Fanaticism, Fascism, Or Kabbalah?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we bridge the gap between the perception of reality of those who study Kabbalah and the rest of humanity?

Answer: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, we create a special attitude towards us, towards reality, and towards the Creator, the upper force, which we discover according to the equivalence of form with it. According to our equivalence, we discover increasingly more of the 125 degrees, each of which is a whole new world, and in it a new me.

On the other hand, most people’s attitude towards reality doesn’t change. A person remains on his level and perceives a fixed picture of the world to which he has grown accustomed. In addition, he is proud of it, he holds on to it, feeling that he is right, thinking that he is absolutely sane.

We are constantly changing; we constantly have doubts, constantly ask questions. The next moment may turn out to be the opposite of the previous one. Our whole way is full of similar surprises that come from the inside.

It isn’t by chance that it’s said, “Don’t believe in yourself until your dying day.” If you say something like this to someone on the outside, he will smile patronizingly, as if you are not from this world, as if you’re not human at all. When we approach him with our message, we need to understand his perspective, his perception doesn’t change and therefore, he is very sure of himself.

But there comes a time when a person begins to break through a crisis. Then his whole perception of reality is shattered and he doesn’t know where he is anymore; a moment ago his world was whole, understood, and predictable. Only a moment ago he knew what he has to do and suddenly he feels like a small helpless child. His picture of the world has been shattered to pieces and he doesn’t see the right solutions anymore; he doesn’t understand what’s going on, he isn’t sure of himself, feels scared and terrified: “Where is my mother? Where can I hide? What can I do?”

This is how people feel in the current crisis—increasingly helpless, since they have no answers anymore. Once we could turn in a certain direction, we innovated things, we had revolutions, social revolutions, industrial revolutions, and cultural revolutions; in short it was clear to us what needed to be done. We always found a trend and we held on to it and were sure that we were right.

But today it isn’t happening because the general bankruptcy is in every aspect of life. It’s a total, global, comprehensive bankruptcy. The main thing is that simple people understand clearly what is happening. The world is falling to pieces, so what does one have left?

There are three things left: fascism, fanaticism, or an ascent, which the wisdom of Kabbalah offers. If we judge logically, there are no other options: education, culture, work, competition, technological advancement, space research, all this doesn’t work anymore, everything is falling to pieces leaving nothing in its place. This means that man himself has to change. But how?

Fascism and fanaticism offer a rigid fundamental way: People should believe in something and be dedicated and loyal to it. We will insert a certain “fact” into his head which will become a new basis for his life and make a fanatic out of him, or in fact a “zombie.” This is what is happening in the Middle East; for example, here it seems like salvation to people. When the whole world is collapsing, a person is ready to raise the flag of his faith and even die for it. The right environmental conditions favor such a chain of events.

It’s the same regarding fascism: “We are the best! We will follow our way and succeed no matter what!” A person learns short slogans that narrow his mind and help him feel internally consolidated when all the other rational principles of our world don’t work anymore. This is the reason for the crisis.

On the whole, the wisdom of Kabbalah tells people: “We have to rise rationally to an irrational level.” It’s hard to understand this, but one way or the other, it’s clear that the struggle is against a big “narrow” ego, that is trying to pull and to bring people down, while we have to raise them up.

Here things don’t depend on people’s strength or weakness. Fanaticism and fascism will be able to change people’s perception by promising them refuge from the troubles that hit them. Therefore, we have to activate our inner forces, the mutual connection between us, in order to draw the upper force. Then through the internal network it will spread all over the world so that people will feel there is another way and they will follow it.

The negative forces aspire to pull a person into fanaticism, while we approach him differently from the inside, opening his eyes. This is the whole essence of the current struggle. This is exactly why the Nazis were so uncompromising regarding the Jews. We will succeed. There is no doubt about it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/5/12, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy”

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