A System That Devours Itself

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to intensify dissemination. Thanks to dissemination people are already starting to understand the reason for the crisis. It’s better if they learn this today (or actually yesterday) since the process of recognition and understanding takes time. A great mass will not understand what is happening immediately; it will not see the solution immediately, since it will have to understand that the situation will not be resolved by itself, that man is actually the problem and he’s the one that should be corrected and not the world.

It’s about a change of perception: “I have to change myself? What’s wrong with me?” Talk to people on the street and try to explain this to them.

We have to reveal the truth gradually by explaining the concept of connection and unity. A person assumes that he is quite connected to those around him and we have to bring him to the minimal recognition of evil, and at the same time not turn him off. It’s because no one likes to hear such things. Therefore, we give objective explanations and seem to be somewhat distracted, bringing the examples of others and bringing a person to the initial recognition, so that he’ll start feeling, “Yes, there is indeed a problem here.”

It turns out that we have simply created a terrible world. Instead of a healthcare system, we have a source of illnesses, the education system teaches crime and prostitution, the banks steal and abuse the customers, the manufacturers impose on the consumer unnecessary products that break down quickly and have to be replaced in a year. In short, we have created systems and mechanisms that are not in our favor anymore.

It’s an unusual crisis, which happens as we “bend the stick” and upset the balance. Fifty-eighty years ago we created quality products and assumed that humanity would prosper thanks to that. But today the “American dream” is collapsing. Suddenly it turns out that the system operates on its own, just like a cancerous tumor that devours its environment. It takes place in every field: in commerce and industry, in health and education; everything is collapsing. Why? Because our ego has ended its evolution and has become “round” and closed. The time has come to repair it.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/6/12, “Messiah’s Shofar”

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