Checking The Purity Of Intentions

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to enjoy the action of bestowal because the goal of creation from the side of the Creator is to delight the created beings. And the created beings are designed to delight the Creator as the grateful guest of the host. That is why we constantly have to target pleasure, discovering how to be able to bring joy to the Creator by accepting all the treats from Him. The main thing is that this all is for His delight.

Only this should be the goal of all our actions included in the original thought. On this basis, I have to seek how I can bring the Creator pleasure. What specific tools do I have for this, not just my imagination? What can I do for Him in my state today, now? In what form and through whom: inanimate nature, plants, animals, people, and myself? How do I need to organize myself for this internally, in my thoughts and desires?

Thus I start focusing the reality that I perceive in a single beam, in one direction, trying to orient it to the service of the Creator. These thoughts are called the intention, the purity of which I have to check. What if I am deceiving myself?

I have to pass the scrutiny of all my thoughts and the intentions correctly through the group. Then, I will not be able to lie to myself and will see my true attitude to the friends, how much I avoid them or agree to unite with them. Am I ready to unite with their hearts and be concerned about the others more than about myself? Do I consider our unity as an opportunity to delight the Creator by letting Him be revealed in our points in the heart?

Thus, gradually, the whole reality is focused in the center of the group and there is nothing else to be concerned about but to bring the Creator joy through our unity. And to the extent to which we want to delight Him, we reveal the Creator in the center of our unity.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/18/13

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