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Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam writes that our main goal is to “blow up the iron wall” that separates the wisdom of Kabbalah and all of humanity because if we do not then humanity will continue to deteriorate.

I wrote many years ago that the crisis had arrived and something must be done, but nobody agreed with me. Then the crisis was revealed in full force and I continued to write that it would continue for years, decades, until humanity changes. But people thought conditions were improving, that the crisis was ending and that everything is already okay.

Humanity doesn’t understand what a desperate hopeless state it is in. It has no means of changing anything. It just moves along a predetermined path that is controlled by two forces: positive and negative.

Certainly people want to solve this mystery, but they cannot and do not know how to do this. After all, our world is underneath the “barrier” (Machsom), underneath the boundary that divides between the upper worlds and our world; now there is no force that could make it possible for a person to correct society, the family, politics, the economy, and the environment, nothing; rather, everything just deteriorates. Therefore, we who possess a very small amount of knowledge about this process and possess the ability of correction must bring this to the world.

The thing that obligates us is love of the other, which is the essential law of creation. It is not for our narrow and small artificial world within which we exist; rather, it is for all of the rest of the great world outside. This is why we are doing this.
From the Bulgaria Convention “Dawn Of A New World” Day One 11/1/13, Lesson 2

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