Watch Your Step Carefully

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do we have to work on the acceleration of time and advance in the path of the Light if suffering awaits us on it as well?

Answer: I do not feel suffering on the path of the Light, but I see suffering as a means of advancement. I view all the problems as help on the way. Thus, my internal flaws are manifested, although I see them as evils of the external world.

Someone attacks me, and I see this resistance as an opportunity to advance further. If I prepare myself correctly, then I will have no fear only joy. As Baal HaSulam writes, “I rejoice at the revealed flaws” because it means that they can be corrected.

You can always prepare yourself for any challenges. But if you have not prepared yourself by means of the group, your unity, the Surrounding Light that embraces you from all sides, then you will find yourself helpless because you will have neither the Light nor the force of the group. You will just want to run away from troubles because you will lack the means of resisting them.

You will have to restart work to mobilize strengths and fulfill all the conditions in order to overcome these obstacles. Perhaps, this will teach you for the future that you need to prepare in advance.

Question: Thus, on the path of the Light, I get blows, but they are qualitative rather than on the flesh?

Answer: You get not blows, but a good opportunity to advance! If an athlete is going to the Olympic games, he is not going there to relax and spend time idly at the bar, drinking a beer. He goes there to work hard, to exert himself both internally and externally. But, then he receives a medal.

The difference between the path of hastening and natural development is that on the path of the Light we prepare ourselves by all the available means to reach the goal faster. Even if currently I feel no pressure and I could rest, enjoy the peace, and relax a bit, but instead I am still intense. I ask myself, “Am I bringing the Creator pleasure now?” If not, then I suffer because I don’t bring Him joy.

I am like an old man, who walks bent and in advance looks for something he has not yet lost. I am constantly seeking: Where is my group, dissemination, studies, adhesion with the Creator? This is called the path of the Light and hastening, when I am preparing myself all the time. Then, I get small obstacles on the way: a stone lying on the road, a stick thrown, a pile of garbage. But I watch my step carefully and thus see these disturbances and step over them. It is not a problem for me. And if I had walked, with my nose up, I would have stumbled and fallen.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/28/13, Shamati #70 “With A Mighty Hand and Fury Poured Out”

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