Religion And The Process Of Integration

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the role of religion in the integration process, and is it possible to integrate all the world religions together?


Answer: I began my life as a specialist in biomedical cybernetics. Then I got my PhD in philosophy, became a professor of ontology and theory of knowledge, which is what I’ve been doing for many years. I don’t see any connection between religion and the integration method we’re talking about here.

Generally speaking, religions talk about the need to become integrally connected to others, to live a good life, be kind to others, love one’s neighbor, etc. But in truth, they only talk about it, and nothing ever gets implemented. Moreover, religions are full of various rituals and blind faith, all of which is absent from our method. It addresses the person, all people in the world, because all of humanity is integrated and interconnected.

Therefore, I don’t think there’s room here for religions. It’s everyone’s personal business, because religious persuasion doesn’t hurt or oppose our method in any way. Hence, you can be an adept in any religion and practice integrated upbringing at the same time.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/22/12, Preliminary Lesson

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