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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What kind of influence do these events like conventions, where we try with all our power to attain greater unity, have over the actions of our friends in Israel or other friends who are now passing through difficult times?

Answer: All of us, really all of humanity, are linked together by billions of threads into one network. There are an infinite number of links that are measured not according to quantity but quality. Spirituality is measured by quality and not by quantity.

Our convention is built on mutual combination, understanding, and penetration, such that we can truly feel ourselves together. We want a single and warm whole to be created among us in which the upper force, the Upper Light will begin to be revealed; something that existed in a collective Kli before its shattering in the upper world. Therefore through our gathering in this congress, we are now providing a very great help to the Israeli group.

It is wonderful that this has happened because nobody would have planned for this. If I had known how hard we had to work on dissemination in Israel, I certainly wouldn’t have set the convention for this date.

But on the other hand, the Creator arranges everything for us in such a way that many people are ready to connect, to gather together, and this is a very great help. I am very pleased that this convention was arranged at this time when we are really smashing through the “iron wall” between Kabbalah and all of humanity. We are all participating in this!
From the  Bulgaria Convention “Dawn Of A New World” Day One 11/01/13, Lesson 2

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