All The Changes Are Inside Me, Not On The Outside

Dr. Michael LaitmanHumanity has been developing for ages, but in which direction? If we look at nature, we see that nature tends toward balance. Heat and cold, pressure and vacuum, balance each other.

All natural phenomena tend toward the balance of forces and mutual inclusion, as this is the most constant and stable state that is pressure-free. Eventually, everything will balance. By that, we can understand what Kabbalists tell us about our situation and about the fact that we must reach a state of balance with the Creator, with general nature, since the Creator and nature are the same thing.

What does it mean to reach a state of balance with Him? The Creator is the attribute of bestowal and love, and we should reach the same thing whether we like it or not. The Creator constantly bestows upon us, and from inside, operates the “engine” of our growing ego so that we constantly feel that we are under growing pressure, in a state that is increasingly unbalanced with the Creator.

This obliges us to do something. Until now and throughout our history, meaning our development, we have been trying to balance the pressure with the help of different technologies, social structures, habits, and means to protect ourselves from the heat and the cold, from pressure and other such changes.

Nature is constant, while we are constantly developing from the inside by a chain of Reshimot (reminiscences) that constantly change. Our resistance toward nature constantly grows.

All The Changes Are Inside Me, Not On The Outside

All the changes take place inside us. Even if we see an external world that changes, such as geological and historical periods, generations, or whatever, it all takes place inside us.

We radiate this reality outward, although there is actually nothing on the outside. A person is a closed “box,” and the picture of the world is depicted inside it. However, he feels this picture as though it were on the outside.

Similarly, our eyes turn this picture upside down. The eye catches the entire world in an opposite way, then the brain converts it again. If we were to put on special glasses that do the same thing, after a while, the brain will get used to it and convert the picture in the right direction. This illustrates the fact that all changes take place inside me, not on the outside.

Therefore we say that, as it is written, “There is none else besides Him,” the one constant force that operates and influences me. He has prepared all the Reshimot (informational genes) inside me, and everything that I discover in my life, in my world, in my reality, is the result of the Reshimot. They are responsible for everything I can see, hear, taste and feel.

I constantly must try to remember that, if something needs to be changed, it is me. The Kabbalistic method isn’t meant for the correction of the world, but, with its help, a person corrects himself and his perception. So, despite common knowledge, if a person wants to enter the spiritual picture, he must refocus his vision.

Stereograms are based on the same principle. In order to see them, a person must refocus his vision. How can we change the focus in order to discern the new layer of reality? It is very simple. We must accept the world as a reality that is managed by one force and that all the changes are taking place through my Reshimot.

I constantly try to perceive and understand the situation, to remember that I always am facing the one force inside me and that the Reshimot that are constantly changing inside me are opposite to that force. So, I must reach the balance we spoke about every moment in my life.

The main law of nature is that, despite everything that is evoked inside me, I build myself so that I can be as similar to the Creator as possible, and not to differ from Him in my attributes. This is the main thing.

By attaining the current level, I rise to the next level. Thus, I balance myself with the Creator in every parameter, in all 125 degrees, by becoming totally equal and similar to Him, and achieving total balance.

On the whole, it is a simple schema. The world is constant, but he changes inside me, colors it anew each time, and I must be balanced with the force that gives and stabilizes the current picture for me.
From the One Convention in New Jersey 5/12/12, Lesson 3

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