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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I grew up in nature, on a farm, surrounded by fields and gardens, in a world of sounds. What is the music of nature?

Answer: If a person lives in a place like this, then the music of nature is actually what should fill him and tune him correctly. The music of nature provides the right background for a good and healthy life. Trees, flowers, and the wind are all sounds that are actually vital for a person’s state of balance.

Question: How is the natural world of the sounds of nature around us related to a person’s health?

Answer: It is common knowledge that music can heal, stabilize the heart beat, our inner frequencies, and the inner organs. Everything depends on the sounds that we hear.

People have not yet learned to make proper use of that, but there is a great potential in it. It is a wonderful way to cleanse, correct, and tune a person.

Comment: This is very interesting since I lived in India for a while after my military service, in remote places, far away from any form of civilization, and I felt very healthy, healthier than I ever felt before. When I returned to the ordinary urban environment, I realized to what extent the music of nature had healed me.
From the program “A New Life” 4/27/2014

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