Working With The World As A Guarantee Of Spiritual Advancement

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can my work with the world change me in a way that I eventually attain the Creator?

Answer: It is very simple. I have already explained it many times.

Let’s say that we aspire to rise to the Creator, to the property of bestowal. We cannot address the Creator solely for our own sake, even if we ask for the property of bestowal to be granted to us. “Give me the quality of bestowal! Correct me!” Why? It sounds as if you are blaming the Creator for making you “bad” and now you are asking Him: “Correct what you did!”

There are very subtle nuances here. Remember, we cannot address the Creator with our personal requests. Our demand has to be general and come from all friends. Only when we try to unite in a group and create common properties between us can we address the Creator by asking Him to manifest in us. Our appeal to Him is called MAN and His answer to us is called MAD.

But even if we receive something in return, it will be only a slight sensation of spirituality called Galgalta ve Eynaim or Hafetz Hesed (one who doesn’t desire anything for one’s own sake), nothing more!

In order to truly sense spirituality and elicit the upper force, we don’t need desires of our own, but rather the desires of our neighbors. Otherwise, our demand for altruistic properties will be just an egoistic act.

“Why do you need altruistic qualities? Be happy with the way I created you!” If one wants to rise above one’s nature, one shouldn’t request to alter it.

Think about it and try to “digest” these states internally. If we justify the King, then we validate everything He does to us, even if He imprisons us. If we don’t approve of the King, it means that our egoism is screaming in us and that we judge everything through our own states.

Therefore, we should address the Creator all together in order to truly reveal the Creator instead of praying just for ourselves. If we do so, we’ll acquire a “small addition,” seven billion people, the entire humanity.

If we take care of the others as if they were our children, then we’ll start to feel them. As soon as our influence on them begins, their reaction will suddenly become clear to us. We’ll start caring about them. We’ll understand and feel them as if they were our children. We’ll realize what’s good and what’s bad for them since we’ll feel their internal pain.

We’ll sense their reaction, their demand, their MAN for salvation and unity that will be directed to us.

Working With The World As A Guarantee Of Spiritual Advancement

We are incapable of doing it on our own. Then again, can they really unite and become one whole even though they are not a Kabbalistic group? They don’t know anything nor do they want to study since they don’t have any predisposition for it.

In order to connect internally, they need the Upper Light, the Creator. MAD will transition through us to them. They will sense It because while educating them, we will become a source of energy for them. We serve as a transitional link for them.
From the Virtual Convention in Moscow 12/15/13, Lesson 5

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