Waiting For The Crisis

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Expert): “The main development trends of the major economies of the world indicate that a new phase of the global economic crisis is inevitable. No matter how bad the situation is, it is possible to hold it for a relatively long time if sufficient political power is manifested; Japan has been heading towards the abyss for a quarter of century, and if the Japanese began to panic, Japan might have been long at the bottom of this abyss.

“Or the United States that have been inflating bubble after bubble for 20 years.

“Since everyone has learned this lesson of the importance of political will, but the world economy is not doing well, any prolonging of stagnation and escalation of problems increase the risk that the conflict will turn from economic into political.

“The old developed countries are experiencing one of the most serious crises in their history; the world economic order that was formed after WWII is collapsing. It is unclear yet today when a new order fiercely begins to shape, but it is obvious that everything is coming to that.”

My Comment: Waiting for a new order to form forcefully is unwise! It is inevitable. But there is a method for its soft absorption: the integral education of humanity, i.e. adapting people to new, gradually strengthening norms of a new integral world order. Otherwise, there will be a crisis!

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