The End Of The Economy Growth

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do you have economists who would be able to develop a model of the economy of reasonable consumption?

Answer: No, we are not involved in that area. After all, as they become an integral society, it will create its own environment for itself.

Instead of regular banks, there will be banks that engage only in service to the population and will not take anything more than what is needed for the bank to exist. The same thing relates to the rest of the social systems. They will function only in order to give service to people and not to make profits from them.

The economy will gradually shrink to a normal, logical volume and will stop being a growth economy pursuing increasing percentages each quarter. What for? In order to pollute the atmosphere, to pump out energy resources from the earth, to accumulate “green paper” and just store them in banks? Is that called “progress”? It’s certain that the present crisis is designed to regulate this situation.

The economy of growth will die out on its own. For this to happen, there is no need for revolutions because everything will be realized through the integral education of the people! Masses of people in cities and different countries will gradually make the transition to a different system of communication between them. Think about it, what is economy, finance, and exchange of merchandise if not communication between people, which is expressed in a material form.

Question: It is possible, of course, to switch to barter exchange.

Answer: There is no need for any exchange; society will create new structures of mutual service for itself.
From Kab TV’s “An Integral World” 10/24/13

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