Our Connection Speeds Up Our Development By Seven Billion To The Seven Billionth Power

the-goal-of-creation-is-perfect-fulfillmentWe are living in a generation when our interconnection is being revealed, although we don’t understand this yet. In previous generations, this connection was not openly expressed. But today we are connected through the Internet and the international radio and television networks. We exchange information through these channels and are aware of all the news in the world.

The events taking place in one part of the world affect the other parts because of the speed with which information and rumors are spread through the various networks. There are also different networks of power. When something happens in one part of the world, someone either gains or loses, whether in sales and money, industry, commerce or economics.

We depend on each other. We are bound together by a common net, which is now being revealed as an obvious fact. Humanity is making this discovery today. We are revealing our connection on the level of thoughts and desires, and we are finding ourselves in a situation we cannot escape or ignore. Every day will reveal more things in the world which will be completely new. We will see how when people in South America are thinking about something, then the next day people in Europe will think about the same thing, and the next day – in Asia.

First it reaches you as a strange, obscure thought, and then it becomes your own thought. Your former desire fades and a new desire emerges. Great changes will occur literally from one day to the next, or even quicker. And that’s because the world is completely intermixed, which was not the case before.

This makes progress happen at a completely different speed. The speed of our development is not linear or even exponential, but is rocketing upward. It grows exponentially because it is multiplied by the number of people in the world and the number of connections between them. And each person in turn multiplies it again by his connection and dependence on others. Hence, this multiplication, which happens over and over again, makes our development happen faster by seven billion to the seven billionth power.

(From the lesson on Rabash’s article, “The Activity of the Greatest of the Nation” on 03.17.09)

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