Regarding The Greatness Of My Mission With Fear

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Could it be that we lack the feeling of fear with regard to the greatness of our role, of our mission, when we go out to disseminate to people?

Answer: It is impossible to demand this feeling of fear from a person if he doesn’t see the whole picture. How, for example, can a baby know how dear he is to his parents? He runs around but has no feeling of self importance, of the importance of his role, of the fact that he exists. If he could understand how important he is to his parents, to those around him, he might run around differently.

It is the same with us: How do we know that we are infinitely dear to the Creator? We hear about that but we don’t understand and don’t perceive it enough so that we would begin to act differently.

Question: How can we develop ourselves so that adhesion to the goal and the great responsibility that we have will affect us in a way such that we will not leave others until we bring them to where they should be?

Answer: Simply do what you have to do each time and everything will gradually work out. Don’t worry, leave some work for the teacher, the group, and the Creator. Don’t take all of creation upon your shoulders.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/4/14, Writing of Rabash

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