On The Approach To The Second Enlightenment

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Yuri M. Kagramanov, publicist, culturologist): “Is there a means to prevent the decline of European civilization? Since the beginning of the 21st century, at Western academic crossroads, there were talks about the need for the Second Enlightenment, which would give a new impetus to European civilization – just as the classical Enlightenment did.

“The cultural elite falls into the mass like in the quagmire, and humanity not only became mature, about what the intellectuals of the Enlightenment were dreaming, but fell back into childhood: it is interested only in the body, comfort, well-being, the power of material things … the infantile humanity of the 21st century demonstrates the flaws inherent in children: gullibility, immorality, cowardice, ignorance, propensity for violence, the spirit of a herd.

“The confidence of Enlightenment that the human being is able to take the world’s fate in his hands is completely lost. We need not ideology but worldview – it is a much broader concept, and it has been always determined by geniuses.”

My Comment: There will be no Second Enlightenment as the masters of academic Europe envision. Egoism bloomed only once and gave its fruit, and today we are reaping it! The Second Enlightenment should be altruistic, and it will be given to the world not by egoists but by those who have mastered the way out of it, that is, Kabbalists. The Second Enlightenment is called “Integral Education of the World” or the “wisdom of connection.”

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