What Needs To Be Done To Ensure The Survival Of Human Civilization?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Evgeny Abramyan, Russian scientist and futurologist): “In order to survive and preserve civilization there is practically no options for mankind but to stop the endless chain of destructive wars and learn to resolve contradictions by way of negotiations and compromise. To begin with, radical reforms need to be implemented in the system of education and in the media as they strongly influence people’s attitudes and behavioural patterns. …

“Propaganda and education directed at promoting tolerance, peacefulness and equality, suppression of aggressiveness, ethnic and religious hatred, and imposing limits on consumption where it is excessive. Use of the rapidly developing information technologies, global information networks and distant educations, for the purpose of mindset transformation.”

My Comment: Politicians and military leaders always used scientists for their purposes, throwing them scraps from the table and getting what they needed themselves. Once, Plato and Aristotle warned scientists against disclosing science to politicians, egoists. But scientists couldn’t resist, they wanted power and money themselves. Thus, they sold themselves and serve the rulers until this day. In reality, science must be hidden, as the science of Kabbalah, and become revealed only to the extent of its correct use.

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