Focusing The Energy On Mutuality

Dr. Michael LaitmanEverything in the world is made of two attributes: receiving and bestowal. It’s like fire and water, plus and minus, the North pole and the South pole, etc. These two polar states are the two attributes of nature which operate on matter and there is nothing else but these two attributes.

Matter is a desire to enjoy, to receive, to be filled. It’s the natural basis of matter. Every atom, for example, wants to preserve its form: A big atom wants to keep its form and weight in the periodic table, with the number of particles in its nucleus, etc.

Since everything is made of plus and minus, the plus and the minus have to be separated by some adaptor, like an engine that they are connected to and make work. What’s more, it has to be a beneficial charge. If it’s a harmful charge, like in an atom bomb, it leads to a collision and mutual destruction, as we sometimes say, a short circuit. When the two opposite attributes meet a great amount of energy is released since it’s directed outwards and not towards mutuality.

Every level of power, every attribute a person has, has its level of adaptation, which means the right resistance that can be between the plus and the minus. If the plus and the minus are small, the resistance can be small, and if the plus and the minus are big, the resistance has to be big too since otherwise there will be a “short circuit.”

All of a person’s desires to receive are graded with regard to the attribute of bestowal: the root level, phase one, two, three, and four, which means the five levels of Aviut (thickness). Accordingly, there are five levels of tension or five levels of the upper Light (bestowal) and the resistance between them.

The Torah tells us how they are graded. If I am in this state when I am opposite the Creator, which means that the attribute of receiving is opposite the attribute of bestowal, then the attribute of “Moses” in me can be one level below the Creator, which means standing next to Him, “face to face.”

The more tangible, thick, coarse levels should accordingly be removed. Therefore it says that Moses is closest to the Creator, then Aaron, the Levites, the men, the women, the elderly and the children. Then there are different herds, etc. This means that they are in a form of pyramid, or in circles around Mt. Sinai, “around” is the contact point with the upper attribute.

Why does it say “around the mountain” and not in a straight line? Because they have not acquired a Masach (screen) yet; they don’t have the line, and everything is still managed in circles.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/4/13

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