Covering The Gap Between The Opposites

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We already have a large world group; there is a teacher and primary sources. Why is so difficult to realize the law of love for others as for oneself?

Answer: Indeed, it may not be so burdensome to hear about it, but the problem is with its realization. We initially need to understand and to become aware of the fact that the two different parts, the “plus” and the “minus,” must be connected with each other. In the physical level of nature, everything is simpler: There from a higher degree, the Creator obliges various elements to become connected and in general they build the atomic structure.

What is it? Why do the particles not scatter from each other? The fact is that there are some forces that oblige them to interact in spite of the opposition between the two. The negative forces repelling them from each other belong to matter to the “vessel” (Kli), and these are the forces of rejection, hatred, and polarity. The positive forces necessitating them to be together are the forces of love. That is why it is said, “Love will cover all transgressions.” It’s love that covers the gap between the opposites.

We observe these mechanisms in atoms and molecules where things become much more complicated due to calculations of the previous and following stages of development, etc. Either way, calculations are always done according to the same principle, becoming more and more difficult with time.

It’s worthwhile to view the entire universe in this light. No one teaches us to love; we are talking precisely about the law of nature. Once, Abraham discovered it; it’s said that while looking at the sky, he asked questions about who created the world and for what. He was prompted by that era’s escalating conflicts between the Babylonians. Mutual hatred was growing and Abraham tried to understand: Why? From where could the power of unity against the forces of separation be taken?

Internally scrutinizing the still, vegetative, and animate nature, he realized that the entire creation, except for man, is imbued with the law of unity that obliges all the parts of creation to be together. That is why they live and develop. People are another thing: The confrontation between positive and negative is constantly increasing in them. Where then is the opposite force of connection and love at the human level? How could it be brought into action?

Apparently, Abraham understood that the Creator had entrusted this work to man. We ourselves must add this part and complete creation. That is why it’s said that the Creator starts and the righteous finishes.

So, if we don’t start to work on love for the other, the connection between us is severed. For example, in Europe today, the process of unification does not continue in the right way and the continent is torn apart. The absence of “additions of unity” everywhere leads to the growth of opposition and eventually to explosion. This is the perspective of humanity at all levels, be it that of the family, raising children, etc.

That is why we must work on correct unification, meaning above the “plus” and the “minus.” Don’t touch them because everyone will remain with his inherent properties. Work only on “love covers all transgressions.”

We need to understand that the positive and negative cannot live without each other. Conceptually, there is no Creator without the created being and there is no created being without the Creator. They can exist only jointly. In this case, the two opposites always repel each other, and then the third force resolves their contradictions, strengthens their bond. This mechanism gives rise to development, life.

For many years, scientists have been struggling to solve the mystery of the emergence of life. Where did living cells come from? What gave them birth? An excess of love gave them birth. The force supporting the still nature out of an excess of love begins to develop additional desires and then we demand more. I don’t settle for mere existence, I want to understand, to feel, and to comprehend all of reality, and this need gives me life that began with corals and has evolved to the most complex structures.

Ultimately, it’s the Creator who slightly illuminates the still matter, and it becomes vegetative. A little bit more Light, and it turns into animate. Just a little more, and the human degree emerges.

Thus, covering the positive and negative, the “plus” and “minus” with love, I form from them a system, an atom, for instance. If I add a greater power of love to it, then I affect the positive with negative strongly and thus cause imbalance. There is seemingly a surplus of energy and besides saving the relationship, they “think” about something greater. The spark that I have brought prompts them to search; the excess of strength draws them forward. This is their life force.


Covering The Gap Between The Opposites

From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/28/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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