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Myths And Realities Of The Bible

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from the Communists of the Capital): “The great events described in the Holy Scriptures never took place. This conclusion was made by Israeli archaeologists after many years of archeological digging. Thus, the walls of Jericho, destroyed by Israeli priests with trumpets, did not exist; the Canaanite settlements were not large and did not have the fenced walls that rose up to heaven.

“Based on the obtained results, archaeologists of biblical studies and the history of the Jewish people believe that the events described in the Bible are myths. Excavations revealed that the Israelis were not in Egypt, did not go through the desert, did not conquer the land, so that to pass it to the 12 tribes.

“None of the biblical legends was confirmed by archaeological finds. Exodus could refer to several families, and then their history was expanded to the whole nation. In addition, the great kingdom of David and Solomon, the apogee of political, military and economic strength of Israel, that stretched from the Euphrates to Gaza does not match the reality.”

My Comment: No one has ever claimed that all the descriptions of the Torah correspond to the realities of this world. The Torah speaks of the upper world and does not describe our world at all! It is time to realize that our world is multi-faceted and that it has many levels, universes, and dimensions. One who wants to know it and how to move from one level to the other comes to study Kabbalah. See the program “Meeting of the Worlds” from 5/16/14.

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All Of The People In One Infinite Circle

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday, the broader mass of humanity has become the Kli (vessel) for revealing the Light. This is what the times demand. First there was the period of the patriarchs, after that the sons, and today,  this is the period of the Messiah. In every period the conduct from above changed.

Our group is a transitional conduit first for the people of Israel and then together with it for the whole world. But specifically among the broader humanity the purpose of creation, the Ohr Hochma (Light of Wisdom), must be revealed.

The Creator is not Ohr Hassadim (Light of Mercy). The work on the density of the Shoresh (root),  Aleph (first), Bet (second), is not yet the revelation of the Creator to the creatures, but only the correction of creation. After that it is necessary to realize the purpose of creation, to reveal the Ohr Hochma within the Kelim (vessels). This is possible only through the external Kli, the masses. As it is said:  “If someone says there is Hochma among the nations, believe it.” (Eichah Rabbah 2:13).

But, “If someone says there is Torah among the nations, don’t believe it.” The Torah is the Light that Reforms. The nations of the world are not ready to attract the Light that Reforms to themselves, so they cannot heal themselves. But if someone helps them attract the Light and be healed, then the great Lights are revealed in them; specifically among them, the Creator is revealed.

The people of Israel merit the discovery of the Creator thanks to the nations of the world. When Israel joins them to it and corrects them, then the Ohr Hochma will be revealed in them. And Israel will also discover the Ohr Hochma thanks to this, when it conveys this to the nations of the world into what they are lacking. This is called is that Israel fills the Ohr Hassadim that is found in it with Ohr Hochma.

Israel belongs to the Kelim of bestowal and it cannot discover the Creator on some level by itself, without the nations of the world. But this is not that Light that must be revealed in the period of the Messiah. Our essential work is to prepare ourselves for the correction of the world. In this specifically we must see our mission, the work of the Creator.

The Creator is discovered in the deficiency of the people. When we accept the deficiency of the public, from it we create MAN (female waters) and raise it to the Creator. Then we receive double Light in response, as it is written,  “The firstborn takes twice as much” (Baba Batra 124a) and we convey it to humanity. This means that the Ohr Hochma that is revealed among us is revealed in the Kelim of the public that we join to us. And among the public themselves, this Light is revealed in their main Kelim.

But in the meantime, all of the Kelim are connected into one Kli. Israel brings the adhesion with the Creator, and the nations of the world bring their deficiencies. This is how they work together. The nations of the world cannot discover the Creator without the help of Israel, and Israel cannot reach this discovery without the nations of the world.

For this it is necessary to create circles, many circles, until ultimately they will connect into one infinite circle. This is reciprocal work. Therefore it is said that the nations of the world raise Israel to the height of the third Beit HaMikdash (temple). And Israel is not prepared to rise to a height like this by itself, for the third Beit HaMikdash is the discovery of Ohr Hochma within Ohr Hassadim to a full degree, when: “They shall all know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them.” (Jeremiah 31:33

Something like this is possible only thanks to the great Kelim of the nations of the world. But Israel must carry out this work.
From 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/12/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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A Special Force For Making A Breakthrough

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What proof do we have that there is a special force in connection?

Answer: Haven’t those who were in the commando or in a sports team ever felt this force?

Question: But this force doesn’t change human nature.

Answer: The force that is revealed in the connection can convince and dominate those who are connected. If five, ten, or even twenty people come together sharing one intention or inclination, this inclination dominates everyone and doesn’t let anyone fall.

This is what happens in an ordinary, egoistic, corporeal connection. We are built in a way that this force sustains all of us. What is more, when we convene or assemble no one can decide or come up with a solution by himself. Instead, we discuss things together and consult one another and the sharpest and most extreme decision comes up. Although everyone worries and had doubts, the group decision is accepted in the direction our ideology breaks through.

This happens since the force of connection is revealed in the group, which draws all of us forward and blurs all the negative and extreme implications. It is because this force already identifies whether we can continue to advance according to our connection. The group doesn’t simply accept the best decision but also the most decisive and extreme one for our advancement, for making a breakthrough.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/06/14, Writings of Rabash

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The Upper Force Without Any Mysticism

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we explain to a person how he can change his evil egoistic nature without mentioning the upper force so as not to sound mystical?

Answer: If we consolidate the connection between us, then above us, a greater and more qualitative force is revealed in the central point of our connection, in the center of the circle. This can sustain us at any state we wish.

This force can remove all our problems, raise us, and organize our life in a totally different way. We don’t look for it somewhere up in the sky, above the clouds and the stars, or by using different tricks and meditations, but only in the connection between us.

Besides, the Israeli nation lived in this state for more than a thousand years. There are many stories that trace back to those times about the revelation of the upper force, from the same level that all the holy books were written. This is how the nation lived and this state is called the Temple.

The Temple isn’t a building made of stones but the connection between us. When the connection between us was shattered, it is said that the Temple was destroyed. Then instead of love and connection, there is unfounded hatred among us. Therefore, today we don’t feel any connection between us and that is how we live.

This state is called exile, and that is the exile from connection. The force that can do whatever we want is revealed in this connection and can actually perform miracles. We don’t need to do anything in order to attain it, but we must only know how to connect.

Question: You have met with many well-known scientists all over the world. Do they accept this explanation? Can they perceive a concept like the center of the group by rational thinking?

Answer: Scientists today not only believe and accept such explanations, but also believe all sorts of nonsense. You wouldn’t believe the state they are in. Once they were sure about their science: Newton’s laws and even about Einstein.

But today, scientists have a really tough life because such deep voids are opening up in nature that scientists realize; by using the ordinary human mind, they are unable to perceive and to digest it or to understand these laws.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/06/14, Writings of Rabash

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Other Than The Person, There Is Nothing To Change

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe don’t want to change anything, not the media, not the government, nothing, not even the education system. We only want to change a person, so we come to him and start talking to him. But we don’t demand any changes in anything that is happening to the nation or the world.

This is because it would mean changing the connections and systems that were built by people according to their ego. But all this is built correctly and suits them well. If we want to change this, then we must change the person who builds everything according to what is inside of him.

Question: But a person must see some benefit in order to want to be changed internally. What kind of motivation would he have?

Answer: 15 years ago you couldn’t talk about the wisdom of Kabbalah at all. This word was forbidden and aroused fear. And today nobody is afraid of anyone anymore. So leave its work to the Upper Light and only do for yourself what is up to you to do.

We need to leave an informational brochure for people with some explanations, but the main thing is to attract them to practical activities, to workshops. I don’t see any means other than creating circles.

According to its form, the circle matches the world of Infinity. It is not by chance that a workshop is done in a circle. This has been the accepted form since ancient times: Tribes sat around a campfire, all discussions were conducted around a round table to show that all were equal. A circle symbolizes equality.

But in our workshop the circle is a symbol of the world of Infinity. Through our wanting to connect in this form, we attract the Light that Reforms. It comes to us in an infinite form, for we don’t limit it in any way, we don’t have a Masach (screen). And so we use this Light as Ohr Makif.

But the brochure doesn’t need to attract people to workshops, but simply should explain the laws of the existence of the world. These are totally objective and don’t depend upon us at all. So the booklet needs to be written like an abstract by a scientist, a researcher, observing nature. It is not necessary for there to be any ideology, which already belongs to a person’s personal relationship, but only natural laws that don’t depend on us.

Whether we like it or not, that is how the world is organized and built. And dur to these workshops and all kinds of exercises, we want to participate in all of this evolutionary process in the best and most beautiful form.

Nature urges us on through blows and obligates us to evolve and turn from an egoistic form to an altruistic form. And we have no choice: We receive blows until we agree to accept the altruistic form. But there is also another way; instead of the way of “in its time,” the way of natural evolution, we can go in the way of “I will hasten it,” the way of accelerating time.

And the booklet explains how to pass from “in its time” to “I will hasten it.” It will become clear that this is definitely possible. And we are actively realizing this transition, and that is how we attract everyone to workshops.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/8/14

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The Force That Performs Miracles

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What exactly gets connected during the workshop?

Answer: The desires that are ready to bestow unto one another.

Question: But do strangers who are not friends connect?

Answer: We sit and talk without arguments and each one annuls himself a little in order to connect to others in mutual bestowal. To the extent that we annul our ego and connect, we invoke a certain force that is concealed inside, the force of connection.

This force exists in nature. It stems from the same source that the first spark once broke out from and from which the universe developed. This is the force of unity because all of creation stems from one spark.

As a result of this spark infinite universes and galaxies were created, but that doesn’t matter. If we connect as one man like the source the universe was created from, then it invokes this unique force in us. It is in nature and sustains nature.

Let’s try it and you will see what confidence it gives each one, what a feeling of a new life, of peace. It can even heal us and correct our connections. Let’s use this force of connection which exists only in the unity among us.

The more we manage to connect and the more deeply we annul our ego, the more we will discover the force of connection and with it we will be able to perform miracles. It will affect all our problems and heal all the illnesses. Let’s pull it out of nature and learn how to use it practically, creatively, just like we use nuclear energy, which we didn’t know about before.

This force is in nature; it can be called the Creator because the universe begins from it, but it doesn’t matter what we call it. It is in nature and we can use it like all the other forces. We call all of humanity to do so, because this force is the solution to all our problems.

This force is the source from which two forces later emerge: plus and minus. But the source itself is one, and if all the opposite forces are balanced inside it, it can solve any problem since it integrates these two opposites inside.

By using it we can fix everything. One may want money, another health, another respect, and another peace at home and with the children. So let’s be cured of all the illnesses and all the evil. “He who makes peace in Heaven will make peace upon us with his mercy and upon all of Israel,” he who makes peace under Heaven, which means balances the negative and the positive forces, will also make peace among us.

If you wish, let’s start, if not, then you don’t have to, but you should know that we have a universal means. We only need to invoke this force and receive from it like from a power plant, but in order to do so, we have to connect since it is revealed only when we connect.

If you are connected and this force is revealed among you, start working together and you will succeed in everything that you want! After all, you will have the source of the force, like a container of fuel that can be used as you wish: you can use it to make plastic and you can burn it for fuel.

You can use this potential force anyway you want, as long as it is not to hurt anyone! This is the force of connection and if you want to abuse it, it will disappear immediately. We must use it only for connection, only for the good.

It is very simple and we have to explain this to everyone. It has nothing to do with any religions and there are no mystic forces here.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/8/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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A Student And A Teacher: The General Circulatory System

Dr. Michael LaitmanM. Weisman. “The Midrash Says,” Chapter “Shemini,”: Since Nadav and Avihu were great experts in the Torah, they decided that there is a commandment to place another fire on the altar, besides the one that was given from Above. They phrased the law in the presence of Moses.

Although their legal decision was right, they were punished by death from Above since it is impossible to phrase this commandment in its ultimate form in the presence of your teacher without consulting him.

It is impossible to observe a commandment without connecting to the teacher. It is impossible to rise above him. This hierarchy is kept until the end of correction.

The moment the student cannot overcome the urge to subdue his teacher, he is burnt.

Question: What does it mean to subdue his teacher?

Answer: To express dissatisfaction, criticism, rejection: When will he finally die so we can take his place? This is what is referred to here.

On the whole, all these are natural attributes that have to be revealed and according to which we should act.

Question: What should a student do with such feelings when they are revealed in him?

Answer: We mustn’t interfere in this process. Many think that I don’t see or hear, that I don’t understand the students’ state, but I mustn’t interfere so as not to deny them of their freewill.

The point is that if a person is told about this in advance, he will act as I tell him. So what does he exist for? He will have no judgment of his own nor his own clarifications, his own correction of the soul. You are robbing him of his life.

If you say too much, then that’s it, you have robbed part of his life and he will have to complete it the next time around. Therefore, there are states in which I would give anything to say something, but, at the same time, I must keep quiet.

Couldn’t Moses and Aaron do anything, for example? But the sons have to go through these states when they wait for the death of their father in order to ascend higher than him. They cannot advance otherwise. This is the only way our ego guides a person. These are all natural attributes.

Question: How should we work with these attributes?

Answer: We should prepare for that, in order to take the teacher’s place and to be greater than him.

To prepare means to organize a group that is based on the principle of mutual connection, but at the same time we should remember that when the teacher departs, he ascends to the next level and by that leaves room for you. It isn’t death but an ascent. This means that you have to be prepared to take the level that has been vacated.

Question: Nadav and Avihu who wished for the death of their teachers (in the spiritual sense) in order to take their place or to advance, actually died. Does that mean that they didn’t complete their work on that level?

Answer: Yes, but the principle of the left line, wishing for the death of the teacher, is a natural attribute and state of a student.

All of a student’s work is to draw the right line, to adhere to the teacher, by understanding that this is the only way they can have the intravenous infusion of the Upper Light: both of the correction and of the filling.

There is a constant struggle inside the students. On the one hand, they want to take the teacher’s place, but on the other hand, they draw the right line. Gradually they have to realize that their whole spiritual life flows to them through him like in the circulatory system.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/15/14

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The Level Of The Sons

Dr. Michael LaitmanM. Weisman, “The Midrash Says,” Chapter “Shemini”: On the eighth day of Holiness, fire came down from the sky and swallowed the sacrifices. After that event, Nadav and Avihu decided that, in spite of that, they must bring their own fire to the altar.

Seven days have gone by (seven levels): Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malchut. The eighth day belongs to GAR, to the upper part, to the part of the head of the level they are on.

The sons feel nothing toward this level, and thus they cannot bring their own fire to it. They could have connected to it through Moses and Aaron, and then they would have received the feeling that it is forbidden to do so.

Their mistake was that they tried to move to an upper level independently instead of connecting to Moses and Aaron.

This means that NHY (the lowest third stage of the level) immediately wanted to connect with HBD when it rose, by skipping HGT, which is the eighth day when the seven levels of HGT NHY, the seven attributes, ascend to the head (Rosh).

Moses and Aaron symbolize the head of the Partzuf (spiritual body) that is comprised of three levels: Keter, Hochma, and Bina.

The bottom part of the Partzuf includes seven levels (Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzah, Hod, Yesod, Malchut) of which the three lowest levels are Nadav and Avihu.

They wanted to make a correction called a sacrifice that could have brought them to a level above Moses and Aaron, but they couldn’t manage it, and so they died.

All the figures in the Torah are our inner attributes that exist in each of us.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/15/14

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