The Force That Performs Miracles

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What exactly gets connected during the workshop?

Answer: The desires that are ready to bestow unto one another.

Question: But do strangers who are not friends connect?

Answer: We sit and talk without arguments and each one annuls himself a little in order to connect to others in mutual bestowal. To the extent that we annul our ego and connect, we invoke a certain force that is concealed inside, the force of connection.

This force exists in nature. It stems from the same source that the first spark once broke out from and from which the universe developed. This is the force of unity because all of creation stems from one spark.

As a result of this spark infinite universes and galaxies were created, but that doesn’t matter. If we connect as one man like the source the universe was created from, then it invokes this unique force in us. It is in nature and sustains nature.

Let’s try it and you will see what confidence it gives each one, what a feeling of a new life, of peace. It can even heal us and correct our connections. Let’s use this force of connection which exists only in the unity among us.

The more we manage to connect and the more deeply we annul our ego, the more we will discover the force of connection and with it we will be able to perform miracles. It will affect all our problems and heal all the illnesses. Let’s pull it out of nature and learn how to use it practically, creatively, just like we use nuclear energy, which we didn’t know about before.

This force is in nature; it can be called the Creator because the universe begins from it, but it doesn’t matter what we call it. It is in nature and we can use it like all the other forces. We call all of humanity to do so, because this force is the solution to all our problems.

This force is the source from which two forces later emerge: plus and minus. But the source itself is one, and if all the opposite forces are balanced inside it, it can solve any problem since it integrates these two opposites inside.

By using it we can fix everything. One may want money, another health, another respect, and another peace at home and with the children. So let’s be cured of all the illnesses and all the evil. “He who makes peace in Heaven will make peace upon us with his mercy and upon all of Israel,” he who makes peace under Heaven, which means balances the negative and the positive forces, will also make peace among us.

If you wish, let’s start, if not, then you don’t have to, but you should know that we have a universal means. We only need to invoke this force and receive from it like from a power plant, but in order to do so, we have to connect since it is revealed only when we connect.

If you are connected and this force is revealed among you, start working together and you will succeed in everything that you want! After all, you will have the source of the force, like a container of fuel that can be used as you wish: you can use it to make plastic and you can burn it for fuel.

You can use this potential force anyway you want, as long as it is not to hurt anyone! This is the force of connection and if you want to abuse it, it will disappear immediately. We must use it only for connection, only for the good.

It is very simple and we have to explain this to everyone. It has nothing to do with any religions and there are no mystic forces here.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/8/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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