The Science Of Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanRecently, we have been working actively with a wide audience, going to people with the method of integral education so we could learn a little about and feel who these people are and what they want.

However, we must not forget that Kabbalistic principles are the basis of the method of integral education. Although we explain them for beginners in ordinary, everyday language, we do not mention the inner psychology revealed by the wisdom of Kabbalah, the essence of our internal relationships with each other.

We do not talk about nullifying our desire before the desire of the other, surrendering ourselves to the group in order to enter it, and nullifying the desire of the entire group to become similar to the Creator. Of course, we do not tell this to beginners at the first lectures. However, later, they will begin asking themselves about the origin of these forces and properties that they suddenly feel in the process of studying: warmth, attraction, the desire to rise above this world, the reluctance to be inside matter. Where does the force of unity come from?

First, we explain that this is the force of society that is revealed within unity. However, then we will have to disclose that this is the general force of nature that governs it, only it is concealed from us, and by means of our unity, we can reveal it. This is the force of the Creator ruling the world and managing us, and because He wants to come closer and to be revealed in us, we feel that we are not ready for this, and we experience the crisis because of this.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the foundation of integral education, and that is why a person who does not study Kabbalah cannot become an instructor of integral education. He will understand nothing in this method. We see ourselves that, after ten or twenty events, we have nothing to say to the audience. We need to penetrate deeper into things and explain the inner psychology of our connection to them.

Then, we begin talking like psychologists communicating among themselves in technical terms not understood by layman, discussing in detail every aspect of our relationships with each other and the internal phenomena in man.

Therefore, we will have to teach the audience more and more of the elements of Kabbalah. In the beginning, we do not have to use special terms, but can explain things just in plain words. Later, Kabbalah gradually will be revealed because we have no other language to explain the relationship between humans and between the human being and the Creator other than the terms of Kabbalah.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the science of connection, the revelation of the Creator, the force of bestowal and love. It should be our highest basis, according to which we live and from which is derived all our wisdom, all our forces. Due to it, we know how to make contact with the Creator by means of unity in the group through which we draw strength and pass it to the public. However, because of this, the audience connects with us and, through us, with the Creator, and gradually, the following words will be realized: “…for they shall all know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them,” and “…for My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples,” that is, for everyone.

This means that everyone must reveal the Creator fully, to reveal the force of bestowal and love within himself, within his vessel, which will be equivalent to any other vessel. Indeed, every person ultimately must connect with the all the other broken desires, to correct the breaking and reveal a whole, corrected vessel, and in it, the force of bestowal and love, the force of perfect union.

Therefore, we cannot leave the wisdom of Kabbalah. Integral education cannot move forward separately from it. We must continue to study it to strengthen the integral methodology by the elements of Kabbalah, weaving them together, and thus advance.

A person who has just begun studying cannot go to work with the external public immediately. He will not be able to carry the spiritual force to it because he does not have the inner force yet, connection with the group for the sake of reaching bestowal upon the Creator. The instructor must draw strength from the wisdom of Kabbalah and study it constantly.
From One America “Virtual Convention” Day One 11/16/13, Lesson 2

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