Other Than The Person, There Is Nothing To Change

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe don’t want to change anything, not the media, not the government, nothing, not even the education system. We only want to change a person, so we come to him and start talking to him. But we don’t demand any changes in anything that is happening to the nation or the world.

This is because it would mean changing the connections and systems that were built by people according to their ego. But all this is built correctly and suits them well. If we want to change this, then we must change the person who builds everything according to what is inside of him.

Question: But a person must see some benefit in order to want to be changed internally. What kind of motivation would he have?

Answer: 15 years ago you couldn’t talk about the wisdom of Kabbalah at all. This word was forbidden and aroused fear. And today nobody is afraid of anyone anymore. So leave its work to the Upper Light and only do for yourself what is up to you to do.

We need to leave an informational brochure for people with some explanations, but the main thing is to attract them to practical activities, to workshops. I don’t see any means other than creating circles.

According to its form, the circle matches the world of Infinity. It is not by chance that a workshop is done in a circle. This has been the accepted form since ancient times: Tribes sat around a campfire, all discussions were conducted around a round table to show that all were equal. A circle symbolizes equality.

But in our workshop the circle is a symbol of the world of Infinity. Through our wanting to connect in this form, we attract the Light that Reforms. It comes to us in an infinite form, for we don’t limit it in any way, we don’t have a Masach (screen). And so we use this Light as Ohr Makif.

But the brochure doesn’t need to attract people to workshops, but simply should explain the laws of the existence of the world. These are totally objective and don’t depend upon us at all. So the booklet needs to be written like an abstract by a scientist, a researcher, observing nature. It is not necessary for there to be any ideology, which already belongs to a person’s personal relationship, but only natural laws that don’t depend on us.

Whether we like it or not, that is how the world is organized and built. And dur to these workshops and all kinds of exercises, we want to participate in all of this evolutionary process in the best and most beautiful form.

Nature urges us on through blows and obligates us to evolve and turn from an egoistic form to an altruistic form. And we have no choice: We receive blows until we agree to accept the altruistic form. But there is also another way; instead of the way of “in its time,” the way of natural evolution, we can go in the way of “I will hasten it,” the way of accelerating time.

And the booklet explains how to pass from “in its time” to “I will hasten it.” It will become clear that this is definitely possible. And we are actively realizing this transition, and that is how we attract everyone to workshops.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/8/14

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