The Entire Universe Came From A Spark Of Upper Energy

war2A question I received: Presently, the Big Bang theory is the most credible explanation physics has of how the universe was created. What does Kabbalah say about this?

My Answer: In the past, we were taught that the universe is infinite and eternal. Today, however, this seems naïve and is not a sufficient answer, for how can anyone who hasn’t attained these concepts speak about them?

Kabbalah can accept the statement that the universe appeared as a result of an explosion, or a breakthrough of the Upper Energy into our world, the lowest level of creation. That spark of Upper Energy gave rise to all matter, energy and information in our world, which then developed further.

In the science of Kabbalah we learn about how a spark of the Upper Degree breaks through to the lower degree. This is called an act of creation, or the appearance of existence from absence. This is how the next, lower level appears.

And it was the same process that brought our universe – the lowest of the worlds – into existence. However, we are unable to grasp how just one spark of Upper Energy can create everything. People were able to “guess” that this happened because this idea came to them “from God,” or “from Above,” even though it is contrary to our reason and assumptions. It’s just as “ridiculous” as the idea that the universe is infinite and eternal. We are simply asserting what the facts lead us to conclude.

Kabbalah agrees with the above theory, although science views it as a paradox.

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  1. What is “zivug atik” referring to? Also, what is the big deal about the number 1108???

    (Side note: thank you for your efforts, Rav Laitman. Yours is one of very few voices in the world worth listening to.)

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