Israelis Think They Are Awaiting The Rebuilding Of The Temple

religion-is-a-cultureal-tradion-whereas-kabbalah-deals-with-mans-correction-through-revealing-the-lightIn the News (from JTA Org): Poll: Most Israelis know Temple destroyed on Tisha B’Av” Ninety-seven percent of Israeli adults surveyed know the Jewish date of the Holy Temple’s destruction, a survey reported … Some 64 percent of Israeli adults surveyed, including about 47 percent of secular Israelis, said they would like to see the Temple in Jerusalem rebuilt.

My Comment: That’s right: they are “waiting,” expecting someone else to come and build it for them. In addition, they think that the Temple is a building where specific rituals are performed, and a place that may give new jobs to people. They see it as a confirmation of their heritage (and of themselves), as a tourist attraction and a political instrument.

However, no one realizes that “the construction of the Temple” means that every citizen will create the quality of love and bestowal within. Or in other words, that it is a person’s transformation from an egoist to one who loves everyone.

It’s not this Temple they are mourning, but their own selfish ambitions. It is written that the Temple was destroyed due to the people’s unfounded hatred toward one another. It is also written that for every day the Temple is not rebuilt, it is destroyed. This means that as long as the people don’t correct themselves, their “love for others as for oneself” (which they had during the times of the Temple) will remain destroyed.

Somehow, no one seems to be worried about the fact that this loving relationship is missing among all the citizens of the Israeli society. And the education system – whether secular or orthodox – doesn’t inspire any true aspiration for the Temple.

Therefore, the percentages from the above survey are fake: people don’t understand the true essence of the Temple.

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