Myths And Realities Of The Bible

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from the Communists of the Capital): “The great events described in the Holy Scriptures never took place. This conclusion was made by Israeli archaeologists after many years of archeological digging. Thus, the walls of Jericho, destroyed by Israeli priests with trumpets, did not exist; the Canaanite settlements were not large and did not have the fenced walls that rose up to heaven.

“Based on the obtained results, archaeologists of biblical studies and the history of the Jewish people believe that the events described in the Bible are myths. Excavations revealed that the Israelis were not in Egypt, did not go through the desert, did not conquer the land, so that to pass it to the 12 tribes.

“None of the biblical legends was confirmed by archaeological finds. Exodus could refer to several families, and then their history was expanded to the whole nation. In addition, the great kingdom of David and Solomon, the apogee of political, military and economic strength of Israel, that stretched from the Euphrates to Gaza does not match the reality.”

My Comment: No one has ever claimed that all the descriptions of the Torah correspond to the realities of this world. The Torah speaks of the upper world and does not describe our world at all! It is time to realize that our world is multi-faceted and that it has many levels, universes, and dimensions. One who wants to know it and how to move from one level to the other comes to study Kabbalah. See the program “Meeting of the Worlds” from 5/16/14.

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