Shortening The Long Way

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe evolution of man throughout the history of his development is attempts to find pleasure in our lives, fulfillment, preferably eternal and absolute. But in the end, we always reach a “dead end” because the pleasure is momentary, transient, and imperfect.

When a person begins to understand that, then he is ready for us to talk to him. Otherwise it is useless, he won’t listen to us.

Question: But the people who study Kabbalah and are familiar with its principles go through this path quite quickly. When you see the system, then you don’t have to run after the pleasures of the moment.

Answer: The people who come to the wisdom of Kabbalah have not yet solved many of their problems. It seems to them that they can solve the problems with the help of this wisdom, and then afterward are disappointed, leave, and then return in the next reincarnation, or if time allows, they return in this lifetime.

Question: But this wisdom greatly shortens the way.

Answer: No! Knowledge will never help against sensations. You can tell a person anything you want, but he will, in any case, do what he wants and not what he knows.

We were created from the desire to receive. Our brain is designed only to show us where it is possible to receive these desires the most quickly. We are like dogs searching where the pleasures are according to the sense of smell. Our desires lead us, thus there is no possibility to shorten the path.

5,000 years ago, in all Kabbalistic books, it was said that at the end of the 20th century humanity would begin to be discouraged from its egoistic development and then the discovery of the wisdom of Kabbalah would be possible. And until then, it was forbidden for the Kabbalists to talk about it, and everyone thought that it was some kind of signs, mysticism, fortune telling, magic, and miracles. Only in our days is the science of Kabbalah being discovered. Many still don’t want to understand that because they haven’t yet escaped the old ideas about it.

Until our times we had to go by the path of suffering and disappointments within egoistic development. But from our days onward when we have reached the point of complete disappointment, it is possible to advance forward. And here we have a choice: Either to continue by way of suffering, or to prefer the way of the wisdom of Kabbalah. But to go by the way of Kabbalah means to begin immediately to rise to the next, upper level. This means to create a second level, parallel to the lower level.
From KabTV’s “Talks with Michael Laitman,” 9/27/13

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