Why Do We Have to Keep Coming Back Here?

Why Do We Have to Keep Coming Back Here?Questions I received on what happens after death:

Question: My name is Daniel and I am fifteen years old. Recently I had a conversation with my uncle about the wisdom of Kabbalah. He said that people who study the wisdom of Kabbalah live forever, but this doesn’t seem logical to me. I would like to know what happens to the soul after death.

My Answer: It’s true: a person who has attained the life of his soul perceives his existence as eternal. But you probably think that eternal existence is impossible because you are connecting it to your body. Of course we can’t exist forever in the body, because this kind of existence is imperfect (egoistic). It was created to be brief (opposite to the Creator), and its only purpose is for us to correct it, to make it similar to the Creator. And the corrected state is eternal. Moreover, our temporary state is actually an illusion, given to us only to realize its evil, like a bad dream, so we would get an impression of it and separate from it!

Question: I really enjoy listening to your lessons and studying with you. You have revealed a beautiful world to me. Suppose that someone has crossed the Machsom, but then died before completing his entire correction. The next time this person is born, will he immediately perceive the spiritual world?

My Answer: No, but he will quickly go through all the preliminary stages and reach the state he attained before, and then he’ll go on from there. One must keep returning to our world until he attains the full correction, because a desire can only be corrected “from outside,” that is to say, while one is in this world, which is external in relation to spirituality.

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  1. Shalom, 22 years ago I had a near death experience where I was involved in a car accident.  The experience I had has never left me.  Perhaps you could help me to understand.  it better from the Kabbalistic  perspective.

    As I was trapped on the freeway, I looked down at my right hand & I saw everything down to it’s sub-atomic particles, I felt my head was going to explode because I was experiencing how great our Creator is , & I realized that the human mind in the present state can not comprehend G-d because he is so Great, it is too much for us.  Then I had this understanding that this world is VERY VERY old,  & that it is Love that controls the Universe, & G-d is Love.  I then realized that 2 trucks were heading right to me…my life flashed before me…a voice called me by my name’ Amalia,  walk softly in this life’…I stood there & suddenly the 2 trucks turned inward & created a barricade across the freeway, & I was saved.  The voice then said ‘& that is what Jesus came here to teach us..to love one another’.   I  strive to be a Torah Observant Jew.  I am not a messianic Jew.  I do not feel that this experience was trying to change me,   I would like to know what you think ‘walking softly in this life means from a Kabbalistic perspective.  My ‘tikkun’ seems that I am constantly having to encounter “difficult” people ( usually other doctors with big EGOs),
    who strive to advance their careers, as you described in your book ‘From Chaos to Harmony”.. on the ruins of others.
    Sincerely, Amalia Geller, MD

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