Following The Footsteps Of Nature’s Plan

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday there is a huge backlog of technology in the world. However, we cannot implement up-to-date technological developments because if they are used in industry, millions of people will immediately lose their jobs; robotics can replace everything.

I visited several new farms in Israel; there are no people there. Irrigation management, crop harvesting, and produce packing in crates are all done by a computer with a clock mechanism; there is not one single person.

Question: Meaning, on the one hand, there is automation, simplification of the work, increase in production, and from this of course also profit is higher, but at the same time, there is a process of increasing unemployment. A plan for retraining or reorganization people does not exist.

Answer: There is no plan, and it’s also not required! They are released not in order to work in another factory, but in order to study how to ascend to the next level of existence. It is offered to us by nature!

Nature has a specific plan. We see that evolution is not just a series of casual events but a chain of consistent forced actions in which all the pluses and minuses, all kinds of molecules, connect and interact. We have to understand this and follow along with it! Therefore, we come to a state where a person must ascend to the next level. This is precisely what the method of integral education and upbringing is intended for.
From KabTV’s “The Global Crisis” 9/15/13

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