On An Altruistic Path

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: All new social systems develop in an egoistic way. How will the integral society develop?

Answer: The material and our sensation of it develop in an egoistic way, whereas the spirit develops in an altruistic way.

Altruism in nature exists only between people. When we begin to develop it and aspire to complete bestowal, to complete mutual connection between us, then in our mutual bestowal, a new balance appears. It carries us forward, raises us above the material level, and then we begin to develop in it. The movement and development in it is infinite, because precisely in bestowal we begin to reveal its depth because each one of us does not work with his egoism but with the desires of all the seven billion inhabitants of planet Earth.

Infinite spaces of other people are being revealed to a person, which he can fill through himself. It turns out that when he bestows and fulfills others, he contains the entire universe in himself. Along with this, everyone begins to feel that he is one, the only one that exists, and it does not bother him. Each one has his own dimension. This is how we advance forward.

Afterwards, all our dimensions unite mutually to one new infinite reality, and then again we work for each other. Elevation of the integration level occurs. Suppose that I united with everyone, someone else united with everyone, the third one also united with everyone, and now each one of us constitutes his own universe in itself, and begins to unite between us once more and then again, and so on.

Therefore, this process is infinite, but in each place it is done only altruistically because otherwise the ego fills, restricts, and blocks us.
From Kab TV’s “An Integral World” 11/27/13

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