In The Beginning Of The Transitional Period

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose that egoism is tamed and the collective intellect is stabilized. Will this be the end of the transitional stage?

Answer: The first stage of the transitional period is disseminating the method of integral education among the masses, which in general don’t require the wisdom of Kabbalah. Therefore we teach them this wisdom on a lower level, as a system of the right mutual cooperation between people in order to overcome the general crisis.

Systematically going out to the people will create a need for a stronger connection with us. Together with this, a single international structure will be created that will begin to deepen our entry into the general public in one’s own region, in one’s own nation, in one’s own continent. In other words, surrounding each group or several groups who all speak the same language, a space will be created where they will “gather” among the common people. So gradually they will grow.

All the rest of the structures that humanity has accrued throughout the course of its egoistic development will naturally begin to expire and will be replaced by altruistic structures, by communes. People will work only in order to live rationally, normally, without wasting time and energy creating a need for a surplus. They will have a need only for security and the knowledge that they have everything required for existence and they will get their remaining fulfillment through their closeness with others.
From Kab TV’s “An Integral World” 11/27/13

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