Gears Lubricated With Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe influence of the group must be so strong that “it doesn’t let me sleep.” That is, that I will never be able to forget about the importance of connection; rather, I will feel that this thought is stuck in my mind and heart, a permanent backdrop.

It is absolutely possible to attain this. No one can complain that this does not work. If he thinks so, he is simply lying to himself. For this, we only require work and time.

If the person places himself under the influence of the group and is under its healing power, he cannot become detached, as if he is drawn by a magnet or some kind of wave that holds him in its field. He becomes linked to an environment that he chose himself at one stage. However, after the choice is made, he enters under the influence of the environment, the friends, appreciates the same values, and thinks the same way as everyone, for, if the group is important to him, he will accept all of its opinions, even those that he didn’t value, didn’t love, and didn’t think were good and beautiful before.

We see from our lives that if we love and appreciate someone, we begin to accept and copy his behavior because we appreciate him as higher than us and we depend upon him.

Therefore, the ego doesn’t become a disturbance for us, and if we have not succeeded, the reason for this is that we have not invested enough energy in strengthening the group. We have not utilized envy. The teacher also learns from his students, as it is said, “I learned much from my teachers, even more from my friends, and even more from my students.” Therefore, you can learn from everyone that you teach.

The moment that we feel some kind of inner resistance, we need to accept this as the “left line” against which the “right line” is awakened. The society will stand against this disturbance and then we will see that this is not a disturbance, but rather an opportunity to connect the two lines and build the “middle line” between them in order to advance even further toward a portrayal of the Creator.

We are trying to connect the broken parts of the soul as if we were connecting gears. However, we don’t want them to be pressed onto each other and compelled to rotate as happens in a regular society. We want them to begin to turn in a synchronized manner through helping each other, avoiding pressure by any one of them on another. All of them must turn in full agreement and harmony. That is, each one feels himself as completely free, without any pressure, because the Light turns and moves everyone together.

When the Creator is revealed, no pressure of one on another remains in any direction and all are driven by means of the Light. This is as it is written, “And the third party will come and reconcile them with each other.”

Revealing the evil inclination within himself, he can check whether he is able to pass to the right correction immediately. If he immediately accepts this discovery of ego as a help, as something good and useful, “a helpmate against him,” then he immediately can work with this and build the “middle line,” and the middle line is already the discovery of the Creator, and then the work becomes so easy for a person, without any friction, that he feels as if he is simply floating in air.

However, it is impossible to remain in a state like this because oscillations come all the time, right and left, and the person balances between them in the middle line, which is called the line of accommodation, equivalence of form.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/1/14, Lesson on the Topic: Preparation for the Convention

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