At The Entrance To The Tunnel

Dr. Michael LaitmanAdvancement through the “acceleration of time” (Achishena) is possible only if you walk as a bent-over old man who is looking for something seemingly lost. Then, when you disclose evil, good is revealed immediately opposite to it because I previously sought flaws while in a good state.

Everything depends on the trend of advancement. If I see a set table before me, then I care about a good appetite to enjoy the refreshments, that is, I look for a deficiency.

If we get enough influence from the environment, then it’s not important what happens to us. These days we are seriously involved in clarification about what mutual guarantee is, and it is clear that in accordance with this we experience strong blows, common problems, but we overcome them quickly and easily. Everything depends on the trend.

This means that I will never be confident in my strength and I always need more mutual guarantee. It will never be enough. Indeed, at the moment, as I equip myself with some measure of mutual guarantee, I immediately become distant and various disturbances arise that I can transform in the middle line with the help of mutual guarantee, having turned them into advancement.

Therefore, we must strive for mutual guarantee as much as we can, and this will cause our tiredness, rejection, and nasty feelings. All these obstacles are present in the work on mutual guarantee because there are three lines in the middle line, and in the left and in the right. By this, we develop our soul by beginning to work with our internal states.

We strive to achieve the strongest possible mutual guarantee, and when we feel that our unity has obtained enough strength, then we ourselves begin to awaken the left line, the appetite, which is called to “awaken the dawn,” not waiting until “the dawn awakens me.” Usually, this opportunity comes through a wider environment. Then, we need to work on the importance of our group relative to the external society.

Inside the group, I work so that the group is more important than me. Now, I have to work with my group, united together, so that the rest of the external environment is less important than this group. That is, the group is more important than me and the entire external society (the external society does not mean our world group). Then I will be able to draw new desires from there and increase our mutual guarantee.

There is nothing to worry about but mutual guarantee because to the extent of our force of unity, the forces of breaking, new Reshimot will be awakened. We will start working with them in order to achieve the human image, by gluing all the pieces together. We do not need to worry about the Reshimot that emerge from the breaking but only about our fuel and energy. In mutual guarantee, we receive force just as “raw material.” Various disturbances that come help us give a concrete form to this guarantee.

The force of guarantee has no form; the form comes from the negative, from flaws. If I do not come across obstacles, then I do not feel that I exist. The air puts pressure on me, all my sense organs receive different effects without which I would not feel that I exist. The same thing happens with the force of mutual guarantee: If I have this force, but feel no resistance, then I do not feel that I am in the spiritual world.

We feel that we are in the spiritual world only due to the forces of darkness. The Light itself does not draw any forms, the form is born out of the darkness.

We pass through these states on the path until we stand on the direct beam (Kav), along which we continue our movement towards the goal. This entrance to the tunnel in the “tube,” the middle line, is very important and difficult. For a long time we go round in circles at the entrance, not daring to enter, make a step and retreat. But when we enter, thanks to the lessons we learned, we continue to advance in it.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/1/14

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