The Tablets Of The Covenant With The Method Of Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanThanks to our forefathers who accepted the Torah at Mount Sinai, we already have the readiness for connection, unification, to the same discovery and the giving of the Torah. Only now, all of this is in a shattered condition; everything fell into impure, egoistic desires, into the desire to receive, into inclinations towards materiality that confuse us and don’t let us concentrate on connection as one person with one heart.

We are not ready to take ourselves out of the exile, out of that swamp in which we are immersed and drowning. But to the degree that we attempt to go out, we gain experience from failures, which is a good thing. For only then is the imperative for the help of the Creator and the desire directed towards Him revealed.

It is impossible to shout from the start. And even though you know from the beginning that everything is organized like this, there is nobody wiser than someone with experience. And only after we reach despair after many failed attempts, and together with this we are always treated by the greatness of the goal, we find ourselves between two extremes, two poles:  in despair in our own abilities and confidence that there is none else beside Him. This is what turns us around and gives us the opportunity for radical changes. He can help us and only awaits our appeal.

So, on one hand, we reach a mountain of hatred. But on the other hand, on the top of the mountain—with our “point in the heart” called Moses (Moshe) because he pulls (Moshechet) us to the Creator—we reach the first contact with the higher power. And then, together with this point called Moses, we receive the method of connection from the higher power and descend below.

And below we are again found in a Shevirah (shattering) and sin with the golden calf. But all this is in order to connect with this point of Bina that received impressions from the Upper Light. Previously it was immersed within the destructive Malchut, within Egypt, and now it must again drown in the desires of the AHP, the Malchut.

From this moment on, we begin to correct this integration but from the point of the healthy Bina. We again go back to the mountain and receive the new tablets of the covenant, ten complete Sefirot, the ten commandments, that are discovered in us; and we begin corrections moving with bestowal for the sake of bestowal beyond the Machsom (barrier) in the world of Yetzira, then in the world of Beria, and so on.

And all of this is with a constant yearning for connection. Part of the way we do without understanding, and after this we already begin to understand and to feel. But all this is revealed solely and only within the connection as one person with one heart. On the way towards this elevated goal, we discover the need for the Creator and all the means for attaining the goal, the final adherence, which is also revealed within the general connection, as it is written: (Kings II 4:13) “I dwell among mine own people.”
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/3/14

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