A Tunnel To The Opposite World

Dr. Michael LaitmanFor me, the entire world is divided into what is found within me and what is found outside of me. There is my body that occupies some location, and there is the world around me. For me, the most important thing is myself and everything else is additional, which is also divided into levels of significance according to what is beneficial or harmful to me.

But suppose that I change places between these parts and reach a state in which the external becomes more important to me than myself. With this I am making an internal revolution, an inner reversal of perception that builds a new relationship to reality within me. I begin to have an opposite comprehension of the concepts of time, movement, place, good and evil; everything becomes completely the opposite.

I find myself in a world that is opposite (in an anti-world), meaning the opposite of our present world! It can move in completely different directions: in the past, present, and future without any limitations.

My perception of space is changed; I am no longer tied to a particular place. Physicists talk about the existence of wormholes in the universe that we can enter. We must penetrate into a world that is found beyond matter.

I naturally consider myself as more important than anything that is found outside. But if I can turn this perception around and control it, meaning that I decide for myself what is important for me, then to this degree I become a master over time.

But physics speaks about the bending of space from a theoretical point of view, as it is seen with the help of special equipment but by that same terrestrial person. It is impossible to go beyond the limitations of the physical world this way. They will see the same substance, but with a higher resolution of time, motion, and space.

Whereas the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about changes in the perception of a person who stops being dependent upon matter. I stand naked and free of matter in the middle of the universe, look through it without any limitations, and see the same place from which the power that caused the Big Bang emerged. This force provided the energy for the creation of the entire vast universe and developed it to that point where I am now.

Whereas I take a look back and want to see this force that was the cause of the Big Bang, and that is specifically what I want to examine. I have nothing to examine within our universe, for this is only the result of that initial force. If I know and become familiar with the origin, then I will also attain its entire result.

But from the results we cannot investigate and study the origin. We see that humanity is not ready for that at this stage of its development, and in general, this is not the way.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/17/14

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  1. I am very interested in this; as well always , reading these articles there are many questions arising: first I have learnt that the external world does not exist and all the worlds are only perceptive emotions over us and our senses; now, I learn that actually yes, external universe exist….where can I read more about internal and external, what is real and what is not;

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