Go Together With The Creator, But A Bit Ahead

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we help the world reach Arvut (mutual guarantee) if it is continuing to sink into theft and corruption day by day?

Answer: The upper force awakens the ego in people, and they act as their ego dictates. There are people who, for example, deliberately are driven to situations where they steal.

According to this example, the Creator shows how corrupt our world is. They simply demonstrate how bad our egoistic nature is: what it does with us, how much they suffer from it themselves, and how much we suffer.

Everyone suffers in the world because it is so egoistic. We waste a fortune on weapons, on hatred. If you look at the Earth from the depths of the universe, how do we look?

We ask why they don’t come to us from other galaxies. But what would they come for? What would they do here if they were so advanced that they could reach us? Viewing our planet from a distance, we look like disgusting cockroaches who hate and eat each other.

We use the intelligence and emotion that we have received for self-destruction. So who would want to come to us?

We must understand our situation and want to correct it. The only way to fix it is Arvut. If we want to accept the law of Arvut, to connect together and help each other, we attract the Light that Reforms. The Creator must be among us; who are we without Him? We are completely dominated by our terrible nature.

Of course, we cannot be responsible for each other. How do you know what will happen to you in the next moment and what you will think? How can I rely on you as a guarantor for my future? This is like a baby who tells me that he will be my guarantor.

If we seriously want Arvut, we need the higher power to be revealed, which will be our guarantor. How does one attract it?

If we try as much as possible, at least in a very small percentage, to become guarantors and want the higher power to be revealed among us and realize the Arvut, then this will happen. This is the first condition.

And we are told: “If you want to be responsible for each other, then you will receive the Torah, the Light that Reforms.” You are not required to be responsible for everything a thousand years in advance or to go to prison in your friend’s place. At the moment you are ready to be responsible for him, the Upper Light will be revealed and you will immediately receive the Torah without delay or pause. This means that the Creator is here as our guarantor.

Therefore from the start, we are told: “When you accept the conditions for Arvut, you will receive the Light that Reforms.” This means that the Creator is with you, only you need to be slightly ahead. And if you want this, you will get it.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/30/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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