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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is said you should do everything in your power,” and then it says that we should expect help from Above, what kind of help could it be from Above if it said ,”He gave a law that cannot be broken,” which means that everything is already predetermined?

Answer: We are given great help from Above because we are in a new era. Everyone finds themselves in a state feeling that there is no solution or to be more accurate that there is no solution on the current level. But this is a positive revelation since it will force us to stop looking for the solution on the old level and to ascend to the next level where the solution actually is.

The solution is not to solve the old problem but to see the state from a new perspective. We will see a new goal, a new state, and a totally different encounter: not between one another but between us and the Creator.

Question: So it turns out that “He gave a law that cannot be broken,” has changed now.

Answer: The law has changed since the leadership that descends all the way to our world has changed, we find ourselves on a new, more revealed level.

Question: Can we expect mercy from Above then?

Answer: We will receive according to the way we act, but mercy from Above means that even if I don’t deserve anything on my current level but I ask for it and develop a new desire by the influence of the environment, by self annulment, by subduing myself, then the Light that Reforms comes and fulfills my request.

The mercy from Above is in accordance to my efforts, which means that I have earned it, but I don’t necessarily ask for what I receive since I don’t know what to ask for and what to focus on, and therefore it is called mercy.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/17/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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  1. إنإ إصبحت في حالة ظلام بسبب عدم تلقي الدروس اليومية إنإ فقدت تلفوني مع خط لذلك إصبح عندي بريد الالكتروني جديد وبذلك فقدت دروسي اليومية إرجو إعادتي الى مجموعة وحصل على دروسي اليومية كيف ذلك لست إدري إترك الامر لكم سإعدوني

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